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Skimmia Japonica Obsession

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Skimmia Japonica Obsession, Skimmias, UK Skimmia Obsession flowering in March, these pretty white flowers will be followed by bright red berries. Buy online UK. Skimmia Obsession - evergreen shrub with red berries UK
Skimmia Japonica Obsession available from London garden centre - buy online UK
Skimmia Japonica Obsession
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Skimmia Japonica Obsession
This new variety of Skimmia called Obsession has proven to be very popular. Skimmia Japonica Obsession is a compact, low-growing evergreen shrub. What makes Skimmia Japonica Obsession so special are the beautiful bright red berries combined with the reddish flower buds which appear on the plant in the autumn, bursting into masses of white scented flowers around March. This variety produces much more berries than other Skimmia varieties and they persist longer on the shrub as well. These features, together with the compact growth habit and dark green foliage make this a uniquely attractive plant.

Obsession is a female variety of Skimmia, and as a result, it will require a male Skimmia shrub nearby to produce flowers- such as Skimmia Kew Green or Skimmia Japonica Godrie's Dwarf Green.

The compact growth habit, stunning blossom followed by vivid red berries and evergreen dark glossy foliage make Skimmia Obsession a uniquely attractive plant. Its low-maintenance nature and suitability for growing in containers are added bonuses!

Height and Spread of Skimmia Japonica Obsession
On average, this particular variety grows to be between 30 to 90 centimetres high and across in a period of 10 years.

How Hardy is Skimmia Japonica Obsession
Skimmia Obsession is hardy in the United Kingdom, and it does not require any special sheltering in the winter.

How To Care for Skimmia Japonica Obsession
Growing tip - Skimmia likes a normal to acid soil and will thrive when grown in pots. Choose a spot in dappled shade to full shade for best results.

How To Use Skimmia Japonica Obsession
This gorgeous evergreen shrub is ideally suited for growing in pots. Plant in a large container for year-round interest on your patio or rooftop garden. The flowering, berry-producing Skimmia Obsession will fit right in the garden as well- use it to brighten a border or underplant a tree.

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