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Azalea Blaauws Pink

azalea blaauws pink
Azalea Blaauws Pink Evergreen Shrub
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Height Excluding Pot: 35-40cm (1ft 1-1ft 3)

Plant shape: Bush

Pot size: 10 Litres

Plant ID: 1289 64

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Azalea Blaauw’s Pink
Beautiful, evergreen Azalea Blaauws Pink has been awarded with AGM (Award of Garden Merit) by the RHS. It has stunning salmon pink flowers in spring. It grows up to 1m in height and spread.  As this is an evergreen Azalea, the small light green leaves maintain interest through the year.

These Azalea Blaauw’s Pink plants have been grown in containers and regularly trimmed so as to encourage a nice shape. These plants are very bushy and compacted, which means more flowers.

Height and Spread of Azalea Blaauws Pink
Eventually Azalea Blaauws Pink will reach a height and spread of between 60 cm and 1 metre.

How Hardy is Azalea Blaauws Pink
This Evergreen Azalea is fully hardy throughout most of the United Kingdom. It will fare well in areas where winter temperatures do not drop under 10 degrees below zero.  For best results, choose a sheltered spot in the garden, away from harsh and cold winds.

How To Use Evergreen Azalea
These low-growing spreading evergreen Azalea plants will add a pop of colour to any border and bed. The burst of salmon pink hose-in-hose blossoms in the spring will leave no one indifferent! Why not try Azalea Blaauw’s Pink in a container on the patio? It will brighten a shady spot in a significant way. 

These blooming shrubs can be planted as specimens or in groups, the choice is yours. However, if you decide on planting Azaleas in groups, we recommend you combine varieties with different flowering times. This way, you can create a floral display that lasts throughout seasons, rather than one season of blossoms who compete for attention. As Azalea Blaauw’s Pink is a mid-season bloomer, you’ll need late season evergreen Azaleas. Consider stunning varieties such as Azalea Satan, Azalea Homebush, or Azalea Golden Sunset which all flower in June.

How To Care for Evergreen Azalea
Azalea Blaauw’s Pink is a great fusion plant in mixed borders with other azaleas. Planted in full sun or partial shade will look at its best. The soil should be acidic, moist and free draining. The fact that it is low maintenance is another advantage of this variety. Blaauw’s Pink can be trimmed after flowering once a year.

Azaleas in pots should be fed with slow release ericaceous fertilizer.

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