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Azalea Laura Morland

Azalea Laura Morland, just one of our selection of Azaleas at our plant centre in London, UK
Azalea Laura Morland - pink flowering
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Height Excluding Pot:
40-50cm (1ft 3-1ft 7)

Pot size: 10 Litres
Plant ID: 980 64
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Azalea Laura Morland is a compact evergreen variety of azalea with pale pink flowers displayed from April through to June. This flowering shrub prefers a sunny or part sunny sheltered positon. It will grow to 60 cm plus centimetres when mature and can be clipped into mounds after flowering to create a real Japanese style 'bonsai' effect.

The pale pink flowers emerge in clusters from April and persist right through June to create an eye-catching spring/early summer display. The pink flowers are semi-double with irregular dark burgundy striping or spotting on the upper lobes. The blooms measure 6 centimetres in width.

Azalea Laura Morland belongs to the family of Robin Hill Azaleas. In 1937, Robert Gartrell of New Jersey embarked on a breeding program that was aimed at creating cultivars of the Satsuki Azaleas with a hardier profile. The resulting Robin Hill Azalea cultivars boasted more colours and better shapes than their parent plants yet were also substantially hardier. Azalea Laura Morland features superb cold-hardiness and brighter flower colourations.

Like most azaleas, the Laura Morland grows best in acidic soil with a high organic content. The soil should be evenly moist. After planting, spread a layer of mulch across the soil’s surface to help keep the azalea’s roots cool and damp.

The Laura Morland Azalea also grows well in containers and makes a pristine patio plant. Choose a sunny location to place the shrub for best flowering and growth. However, it will tolerate a partly sunny location. The planting site should offer some protection from harsh, drying winter winds.

Azalea Laura Morland grows to a height of 60 plus centimetres when fully grown. Its compact growth habits make it ideal along walkways, as a foundation shrub, or as a border. It tolerates clipping well and can be formed into an attractive mounding shape. 

Tip: Remember that the flower buds for the following spring develop over the summer months, so prune shortly after flowering to allow the shrub the entire summer to develop its buds for the upcoming spring.

Plant Azalea Laura Morland in any landscape where you want to create a stunning flower display. Its evergreen foliage also adds colour during the winter months. The hardy shrub is ideal in woodland settings, garden settings, or as part of a formal landscape. All azaleas can also be grown well in containers.


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