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Ilex Crenata Kinme Japanese Holly Shrubs

Ilex crenata Kinme Japanese Holly
Kinme Hedging Shrubs
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Height Excluding Pot: 60-80cm (1ft 11-2ft 7)

Plant shape: Bush

Pot size: 10 Litres

Hedge Guide: 4 Plants/Mtr

Plant ID: 9590 64

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25% Off - Now £41.25
Height Excluding Pot: 1-1.25m (3ft 3-4ft 1)

Plant shape: Bush

Pot size: 30 Litres

Hedge Guide: 2 Plants/Mtr

Plant ID: 9592 64

Was £165.00
25% Off - Now £123.75

Ilex Crenata Kinme is native to the Far East and is a form of Japanese holly with dense evergreen foliage. It’s perfect for low-growing hedges.
Japanese Holly Kinme has slow-growing evergreen foliage with small ovate leaves which are an attractive glossy green all year round. Kimne is a dense, spreading form of Crenata Ilex that’s perfect as a low hedge or border edging.
In spring and summer small white flowers appear which are not really noticeable to us, but they are enjoyed by pollinators.  If left to mature these flowers turn into small glossy black berries for the birds. 
Throughout the year Japanese Holly Kinme retains glossy foliage which begins to grow again once the warmer weather appears. 

Height And Spread Of Ilex Crenata Kinme 
If left to its own devices Ilex Crenata Kinme can reach 8 metres in height and 4 in spread, but with a twice-yearly trim it’s easily kept to a manageable size.

How Hardy Is Ilex Crenata Kinme 
Japanese Holly Kinme shrubs are very hardy down to sub-zero temperatures if the roots are kept well-drained. They are tolerant of drought when established, coastal sprays, pollution and most pests. 

How To Use Ilex Crenata Kinme shrubs
Japanese Holly Kinme responds well to trims and holds its shape for months. It suits the front of a border where it protects against soil erosion. It’s a good alternative to box in blight-prone areas and makes a sturdy and attractive low growing hedge or divider for a herb garden.
Ilex Crenata Kinme enjoys a container if they are well-watered in hot spells. This makes them natural companions for decking, patios and doorsteps. 

How To Care For Ilex Crenata Kinme 
Japanese Holly Kinme tolerates the majority of soils and prefers a sunny to partially shady spot, but it will grow in shady conditions too. It can withstand exposed spots and coastal areas once established.
A twice-yearly trim is necessary for topiary shapes, but it can be left without pruning to naturalise in a wildlife garden.
Water well until established and apply a thick layer of mulch in spring to seal in moisture, suppress weeds and provide nutrients.  

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