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Escallonia Apple Blossom

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Height Excluding Pot: 30-40cm (0ft 11-1ft 3)

Pot size: 3 Litres

Plant ID: 3238 64

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Escallonia Apple Blossom - low growing evergreen shrub wide spreading.  Useful for low hedges and as ornamental shrubs.  Beautiful pink flowers resembling apple blossom in late summer / autumn months.

Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society, a sure sign that it will perform well in most gardens.

Escallonia Apple Blossom is an evergreen hardy shrub popular in the UK. It produces candy pink lush flowers between summer and autumn. The flowers resemble the shape of a tube with a white centre surrounded by deep green, small, and glossy leaves. With its sturdy stems, the plant grows gracefully forming a bushy and dense shrub. It can be planted alongside other perennials and shrubs. It can also be planted as a hedge in coastal climates to act as a windbreaker. Escallonia Apple Blossom grows exceptionally well in sunny spots.

To plant it, dig a deep, large hole that can accommodate the plant’s root ball. Without disturbing the soil around the roots, take the plant out of its pot and place it at the bottom of the hole ensuring the plant’s crown is level with the ground. The roots need to be in direct contact with the soil while sitting at the same depth as it was in the container. Cover the hole with soil and gently firm it in before pouring water to allow the soil to settle around the roots. This plant is easy to care for and requires little maintenance. Mulch the plant during summer and remove dead blooms to encourage the plant to flower again.

Water the plant regularly during the first weeks of planting and during summer. However, do not over water because as the plant continues to grow the roots go further down in search of moisture. Like other evergreens, Escallonia apple blossom requires pruning to maintain the shape of the plant. This plant can grow to four feet tall and is perfect for a small garden.

The plant thrives in an open and sunny climate and works well with roses and other shrubs. In addition, it does well in acidic or mildly alkaline well-drained soil. The plant is resistant to salt spray, drought and wind, but does not do well in extremely cold and dry environments. Remove dead or damaged stems from the plant during early spring before the onset of fresh growth and then prune the plant. Low maintenance make Escallonia apple blossom ideal as a foundation or wall plant. The best time to plant it is during spring so that it has enough time to settle before winter.

We ship Escallonia apple blossom plants throughout the UK and Ireland.

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