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Picea Pungens Globosa - Colorado Spruce

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Picea Pungens Globosa, among the more impressive of Low Growing Pines Picea Pungens Globosa trees for sale online at our conifer specialist nursery with UK delivery Colorado Spruce Trees for sale online with UK delivery
Picea Pungens Globosa, Low Growing Conifers, UK
Picea Pungens Globosa, more commonly known as the Colorado Spruce, is an attractive, low growing compact conifer.
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Height Excluding Pot: 40-50cm (1ft 3-1ft 7)

Plant shape: Wide

Plant variety: Glauca Globosa

Pot size: 20 Litres

Diameter: 40-50 cm

Plant ID: 7131 B 2

Was £165.00
25% Off - Now £123.75

Picea Pungens Globosa, more commonly known as the Colorado Spruce, is a low growing compact conifer.  Max height 1.5m which can take over 15 years.  This plant is sold at a mature size around 80-100cm height.

This striking variety has silvery blue pine needles as foliage and as an evergreen conifer it looks spectacular alongside red foliaged plants such as Nandina Domestica or Acer Bloodgood.

Prefering a well drained soil and ideally in a sunny or partially sunny position, very easy to maintain this tree also does well in windy or coastal areas.

Picea Pungens Globosa thrives in a rockery or raised rockery setting and is just one of the huge number of varieties of Conifers available to buy online from our London plant centre.



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