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Pinus Densiflora Alice Verkade

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Pinus Densiflora Alice Verkade, Ornamental Conifers, UK Japanese Red Pine trees for sale in UK Dwarf Japanese Red Pine trees to buy online in London UK
Pinus Densiflora Alice Verkade, Japanese Red Pine, Pines and Shrubs, UK
Pinus Densiflora Alice Verkade
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Height Excluding Pot:
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Pot size: 60 Litres
Plant ID: 826 8
Price: £695.00
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Pinus Densiflora Alice Verkade is also known as the Japanese Red Pine.  This low growing ornamental conifer is very attractive with soft long needles and a rounded head on a beautiful reddish brown trunk. As these pines age the stem grows and often develops multi-stems giving this conifer a distinct bonsai appearance. Consider it as a dwarf pine.
How to grow:
This dwarf pine is very low maintenance and easy to grow in most aspects although it prefers to have a sunny spot in neutral to acidic loamy soil. It will tolerate the wind so is a useful plant for windy and coastal areas.

Pinus Densiflora Alice Verkade is a cultivar of Japanese Red Pine that is popular with designers of architectural gardens. It is an evergreen ornamental conifer that grows slowly. Its foliage is bright green and dense but bushes out into long soft needles. The dome is compact, rounded and neat. In older specimens the trunk grows to reveal a reddish brown earthy colour. Its maximum height is 180 centimetres and it’ll spread over 300 centimetres. Pinus Densiflora Alice Verkade does not flower significantly – it’s usually grown because its foliage and strong structural shape are so striking. Initially slow growing Pinus Densiflora Alice Verkade is unlikely to reach more than a metre in height within ten years.

How Hardy Is Pinus Densiflora Alice Verkade?
Pinus Densiflora Alice Verkade is fully hardy in the UK. Its dense foliage and low height survives exposed conditions making it a good choice for coastal gardens and exposed sites.

How To Use Pinus Densiflora Alice Verkade
Pinus Densiflora Alice Verkade’s foliage is an eye-catching bright green which suits a rock garden as well as low-growing which lends strong structural shapes to a multi-layered architectural garden. Japanese style gardens benefit from Pinus Densiflora Alice Verkade. It looks good near water where its dome can be reflected, but ensure its roots are not sodden. If you have a bare garden in the winter months try planting a few Japanese Red Pines in containers and place them in dull corners. They will withstand winter weather and brighten up a dull corner.  

How To Care For Pinus Densiflora Alice Verkade
Because they are very tolerant of most growing conditions Japanese Red Pines are excellent beginner plants. They are low maintenance and easy to grow. They prefer a sunny spot in neutral to acidic loamy soil but will tolerate the wind, cold and the majority of soils. Don’t plant Pinus Densiflora Alice Verkade in wet soil as the roots will rot and damage the plant’s vigour. Yearly mulching will ensure your Japanese red pine is healthy and produces bright strong growth over the coming months.  

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