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Pinus Mugo Nana

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Dwarf Pinus, Pinus Mugo Nana, the smallest of the pine varieties available at our London Plant Centre & for sale UK.
Pinus Mugo Nana - pine tree varieties for sale at London nursery - for sale UK
Pinus Mugo Nana
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Height Excluding Pot: 50-60cm (1ft 7-1ft 11)

Plant variety: Mughus

Pot size: 25 Litres

Plant ID: 6861 64

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Pinus Mugo Nana or Dwarf Mountain Pine is a very ow growing pine or evergreen conifer. The smallest of the pine varieties, this dwarf pine species stays low and is very slow growing reaching an absolute maxiumum height of only about 1m. The conifer is also available as a normal Pinus Mugo - ie not dwarf variety although still quite small growing up to the around 1.5m (5ft) max. With a rounded, compact habit and evergreen foliage, this charming cultivar is a great choice for low-growing borders.

A dwarf variety of the Pinus Mugo, Nana cultivar has short, dark green needles with the slightest tinge of blue. Its dense, evergreen foliage forms a spherical shape, making this cultivar look like a miniature conifer egg. Unlike the standard Pinus Mugo, this variety stays petite even when fully mature. With a slow growth rate, this compact conifer’s ultimate height is around 80 centimetres to 1 metre, and the ultimate width around 1 metre.

Exceptionally robust and versatile, Dwarf Mountain Pine easily adapts to a range of different growing conditions. It prefers full sun, although it won’t mind growing in partial shade, and thrives in any well-drained soil. When established, this cultivar is drought and heat resistant as well. It’s an excellent choice for rocky gardens, or gardens with poor, chalky or sandy soil, as this tiny conifer performs remarkably in unfavorable conditions.

A European native, Pinus Mugo Nana is hardy even in the severest climates of this continent. It goes without saying that this extraordinary shrubby conifer is also fully hardy in Britain and Ireland. As temperatures well below -20 degrees don’t bother this tough cultivar, it won’t need any sheltering from frost or winds.

Generally of good constitution and rarely affected by pests and diseases, this dwarf variety of pine doesn’t need maintenance to stay in great form. Its bushy habit requires no additional trimming or pruning to maintain its compact, spherical shape.

Grown for its lush, evergreen foliage and unusually small size, Dwarf Mountain Pine is a perfect choice for gardens with limited space, or low-growing, evergreen hedges. It’s dense, deep green needles with the easily recognizable mild pine scent offer texture and colour throughout the year. 

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