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Escallonia Donard Seedling

Escallonia Donard Seedling Hedge, good to use for Escallonia Hedging, for sale online with UK delivery.
Escallonia Donard Seedling Hedge in flower
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Height Excluding Pot: 40-60cm (1ft 3-1ft 11)

Pot size: 2 Litres

Plant ID: 2712 1

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Escallonia are popular evergreen shrubs that make excellent hedges and specimen plants. Escallonia Donard Seedling is a particularly attractive variety with glossy dark green leaves and a leathery appearance. In spring pale pink buds appear that bloom in June and last throughout summer until the frosts arrive, often keeping their form and colour until October. 
Escallonia Donard Seedling flowers are bell-shaped, white to pink blooms that fall in racemes. Flowers measure approximately 1.2 centimetres across. When in flower, Escallonia Donard Seedling is smothered in warm textural colour. These flowers are attractive to all pollinators and because they last into the autumn, provide a long term source of food for bees. 
When planted in fertile soil Donard Seedling will grow to a height of three metres and spread over the same. It can take between five and ten years to reach its maximum height, but it can be pruned easily to keep the height at a manageable level.

How Hardy Is Escallonia Donard Seedling
Hardy through most of the UK, Escallonia will withstand frosts but may struggle in consistently low temperatures and cold winds. Young Escallonia Donard Seedling shrubs will require protection from freezing and drying winds. 
How To Use Escallonia Donard Seedling
The best use for pink flowering Escallonia Donard Seedling is as hedging. Escallonia is an attractive flowering alternative to your standard evergreen hedge such as Leyland Cypress, adding colour and texture to a wildlife-friendly garden. You can combine different colour Escallonia varieties in one hedge for a real impact. Try planting alternate red flowering varieties such as Escallonia Red Dream or white flowering Ecallonia Iveyi.
If you have an area in your garden that needs screening against noise or neighbours then a tall growing Escallonia is a great choice. Escallonia Donard Seedling is particularly useful in coastal areas as it is very tolerant of salt.  
Many gardeners choose Escallonia Donard Seedling as a stand-alone feature shrub. It also adds lots of texture and height to a mixed border, but ensure you give it room to grow because they will mature into large shrubs.  
How To Care For Escallonia Donard Seedling
Escallonia is a tough plant. It will grow in all soils and any Ph, but it will grow best in sunny well-drained soil with some shelter from consistently cold winds.  Its capacity to withstand salt-laden air is a huge bonus to those with coastal gardens. 
If you want height and width there is no need to prune your Escallonia, but some shaping and removal of the dead or damaged branches encourages healthy growth. Mulching new plants and watering them in hot spells will encourage a healthy full grown Escallonia that’s self sufficient.

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