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Escallonia Red Dream Compact Hedging Variety of Escallonia, buy online UK delivery.
Escallonia Red Dream Hedging
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Height Excluding Pot:
30-40cm (0ft 11-1ft 3)

Pot size: 5 Litres
Plant ID: 2256
Price: £18.00
25% Discount £13.50
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A compact, evergreen shrub, Escallonia Red Dream is prized for its glossy foliage and striking, rosy red flowers. Low-growing, with a spreading habit, this variety of Escallonia is ideal for hedges and borders.
From July to August, this ornamental shrub is brimming with masses of crimson red, tubular flowers, 5-petalled and saucer-shaped when they unfold. A contrasting backdrop for the prolific display of flowers, the evergreen foliage is dark-green and glossy, the leaves ovate with toothed edges. As the name suggests, the crimson red colour of the blossoms is what sets Red Dream apart from other Escallonia varieties.
A spot with a lot of sunlight, protected from the impact of strong winds, and well-drained soil are the perfect conditions for planting and growing Escallonia Red Dream. Tolerant of partial shade, this plant will have more flowers when in full sun. This specific variety is a popular choice for coastal gardens since it doesn’t mind the salty air. Trouble-free and easy to grow, Red Dream variety of Escallonia is hardy in the UK, but it might not perform as well in areas with particularly low winter temperatures. Native to Brazil, this cultivar prefers milder climates and will flourish in areas where winter temperatures don’t drop below -10 degrees. Although frost hardy, it won’t respond well to being planted in exposed locations, where cold winds can disturb it.
Low growing and bushy, Escallonia Red Dream requires no routine pruning. Apart from repotting the plant every couple of years, in case you’re growing it in a container, you won’t have to spend a lot of time on maintenance and general care. Compared to other Escallonia cultivars, which can grow to be over 2 metres high, this specific variety, valued for its compact habit, is ideal for low borders. With an expected size of 60 centimetres to 1 metre high and across, Escallonia Red is quite petite.
Although relatively pest and disease free, as all other varieties of Escallonia, Red Dream can also be affected by Escallonia leaf spot. However, with good drainage and regular, moderate watering will prevent this. 
The compact, slightly rounded, bushy habit of this plant makes it ideal as a low-maintenance hedge, when planted en masse, or as a front row plant, in a mixed flowering shrub border. Escallonia Red Dream thrives in pots and containers as well, which makes it great for patios or as a balcony or roof terrace plant. The profusion of crimson flowers in the summer will attract pollinators and bring colour and the evergreen foliage provides year-round interest. 

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