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Abelia x Grandiflora Francis Mason

A useful mainly evergreen shrub

Abelia x Grandiflora Francis Mason
Abelia x Grandiflora Francis Mason
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Abelia Francis Mason is a mid-sized semi-evergreen shrub with pink flowers and variegated foliage. It suits sunny borders and containers.

Abelias are native to eastern Asia and Mexico where they thrive in dry soil and hot sun. The cultivar Grandiflora Francis Mason is a sport of its parent Abelia. It was discovered in a New Zealand nursey in the 1950s and its attributes have made it popular across the world.

This shrub is semi-evergreen which means it will keep its foliage in most parts of the UK. The foliage is attractive with dark green centres and bright yellow edges held on elegant arching stems. The pale pink trumpet-shaped flowers are borne in clusters and have a sweet honey fragrance that is most noticeable on hot days. The flowers last from July to October and attract bees.

This is a reliable semi-evergreen that fills a sunny gap and regularly flowers without trouble.

Height And Spread of Abelia x Grandiflora Francis Mason
Abelia Francis Mason is slow-growing and will reach 1.5 metres in height and width over 10-20 years depending on the growing conditions.

How Hardy Is Abelia x Grandiflora Francis Mason
This is a hardy plant that withstands damp and cold UK winters in most of the UK if it has shelter from harsh freezing winds and the roots are well-drained. It prefers full sun and can cope with drought once established. Pests rarely bother abelias.

How To Use Abelia x Grandiflora Francis Mason
Abelia Francis Mason is a lover of sunny borders and it will grow in a watered and fed container on the deck too. Its sun-loving nature means it suits coastal areas and west/east facing gardens including wall side spots. The pretty pink flowers suit a cottage style garden and attract plenty of pollinators late into the season to wildlife-friendly spaces.  

How To Care For Abelia x Grandiflora Francis Mason
Best grown in full sun in well-drained borders for the best flowers. It suits a well-drained border and is not fussy about the soil or ph type including chalky alkaline conditions. Choose a sheltered spot that catches plenty of sun and water well until established. Prune out dead or crossed branches in winter to reduce the size if needed, however, Abelia Francis Mason can be left to its own devices once settled in the right spot. 

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