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Abelia Edward Goucher

Abelia Edward Goucher Compact Shrub for Sale Online UK delivery.
Abelia Edward Goucher flowering
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Abelia Edward Goucher 
Are you in search of a low, bushy and compact shrub for a wall or fence line? Abelia Edward Goucher might be just the fit. Best against a warm, exposed wall or fence, this beauty has an arching growth habit with generous flowers and abundant foliage. A winner of the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit, this is an interesting Abelia with lovely, trumpet-shaped lilac-pink flowers which grow in heavy masses across its arching branches.
A member of the Caprifoliaceae Family, the Genus Abelia can occur as deciduous or evergreen or as small trees. They have whorled leaves and clusters of flowers occurring as masses. Improvements brought by Abelia Edward Goucher include its compact shrub habit with a bushy appearance and masses of flowers across moderately arching stems. Its leaves are glossy with a bronze tinge when young. The contrast of the lilac-pink flowers with the bronzed new growth creates a beautiful bloom colour presentation. It is named after its initial breeder, Edward Goucher, with the United States Department of Agriculture in 1911.
Hardy to zone H-5 in the UK region (circa minus 15), Abelia Edward Goucher will survive well in most localations across the UK, even in relatively severe winters. Abelia Edward Goucher will grow to 1.5-2.5 metres in height and spread to an ultimate spread of 1.5-2.5 metres. It takes from 10-20 years for this shrub to reach ultimate growth.
While Abelia Edward Goucher will retain some of its leaves all year, it will drop some as well. The leaves are ovate in shape, glossy and of a dark green colour.  They grow to about 5cm in length. This beauty prefers a south or east facing aspect that can be sheltered.  They prefer well drained soils that hold moisture well. Suitable textures range from Sand to Chalk to Loam and they prefer a near neutral pH, either slightly acid or slightly alkaline.
Abelias regularly will send new growth low on the plant and will benefit to a moderate level of pruning.  Remove dead shoots or those having physical damage in the spring. After flowering, cut back between 1-4 of the flowered stems to the strongest area of the shoot or to the ground.
As you look for a living addition in front of a warm wall or fence, consider Abelia Edward Goucher for its character-filled arching branches and beautifully contrasted and generous flower set.

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