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Abelia Grandiflora Prostrata

Abelia Grandiflora Prostrata syn. Abelia × Grandiflora Prostrate White
Abelia Grandiflora Prostrata
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Height Excluding Pot: 35-40cm (1ft 1-1ft 3)

Pot size: 10 Litres

Plant ID: 10197 C 64

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Abelia Grandiflora Prostrata
Abelia Grandiflora Prostrata is a semi-evergreen spreading shrub that grows low to the ground. It’s also known as Abelia × Grandiflora Prostrate White or more simply, Abelia Prostrate White due to its low growing ‘prostrate’ form. This low growing shrub is ‘semi-evergreen’ which means it will keep its pointed glossy green leaves in mild winters but lose them if it’s particularly harsh.

Flowers appear in early summer and mature into white, sometimes pink-tinged, fragrant flowers on elegant arching branches. New flowers bloom all summer with protective red flower bracts which give the shrub a red and white appearance. Flowering lasts well into the autumn making this a particularly long-lasting flowering shrub. The blooms attract bees which can easily collect pollen from the open funnel-shaped flowers.

Height and Spread of Abelia Grandiflora Prostrata
Abelia Prostrate White is a low growing abelia cultivar that reaches around 60cm high and spreads over 1.5 metres.

How Hardy Is Abelia Grandiflora Prostrata
Abelia Prostrate White is a tough and hardy shrub that can withstand sub-zero temperatures in a sheltered position with well-drained roots. Once established it is relatively drought resistant and pest free.

How To Use Abelia Grandiflora Prostrata
Abelia Prostrate White is a good choice for banks and slopes where its low growing habit prevents root rock or wind damage to its foliage. It’s also a great showy shrub for the foreground of a low maintenance flower border or used as ground cover to prevent soil erosion.
Because its flowers are so long-lasting and well-shaped for pollinators Abelia Prostrate White is a welcome addition to wildlife friendly spaces where its semi-evergreen foliage also provides winter cover for sheltering insects and small mammals.

How To Care For Abelia Grandiflora Prostrata
Abelia × Grandiflora Prostrate White is best planted in well-drained fertile soil in a sheltered spot. It enjoys lots of sunshine and tolerates minimal shade. If planted in a very shady spot it will refuse to flower.

This low maintenance flowering shrub is not fussy about pH or soil type and grows happily in the majority of gardens given enough sunshine. Pruning is not required but you can cut back branches after flowering to maintain its size or remove dead or damaged stems.
Water Abelia × Grandiflora Prostrate White well until it’s established and give it a thick layer of mulch in spring to ensure good flower production over the growing season.

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