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Aronia Melanocarpa Hugin Black Chokeberry

Aronia Melanocarpa Hugin Black Chokeberry produces an abundance of white flowers
Aronia Melanocarpa Hugin Black Chokeberry produces an abundance of white flowers
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Aronia Melanocarpa Hugin’ is a deciduous fruiting shrub that’s more commonly known as Black Chokeberry Hugin’. Chokeberries are delicious when cooked, and this variety produces rich black berries in autumn that are perfect for jams.

Aronia or the Chokeberries are attractive shrubs related to Pyrus and Sorbus usually with white flowers in spring followed by attractive berries and brilliant autumn colour. Aronia Melanocarpa are known as Black Chokeberries and are smaller shrubs with dark glossy green leaves colouring brilliantly in autumn. The variety Aronia Melanocarpa Hugin produces an abundance of white flowers and produces striking red & orange colour in autumn.

In spring Aronia Melanocarpa Hugin’ grows oval-shaped  glossy green leaves as a backdrop to its May time display of fragrant white flowers that resembles the small blooms found on hawthorn. As summer progresses these delicate flowers are followed by many small purple-black berries that ripen in late autumn alongside blackberries and apple trees. During autumn the foliage turns shades of vibrant red and orange before falling with the frosts. Then in winter, the shrub holds a pleasing shape that gives structure to a bare border before shooting fresh new foliage in spring. 

Height and Spread of Aronia Melanocarpa Hugin’
Black Chokeberry Hugin’ is a small and compact multi-stemmed shrub that will reach a maximum height and spread of 2 m × 2 m. 

How Hardy is Aronia Melanocarpa Hugin’
This variety is hardy down to sub-zero temperature and able to tolerate boggy conditions. 

How To Use Aronia Melanocarpa Hugin’
This is the ideal fruiting shrub for a small garden or a container orchard. Its small size means it won’t overshadow or out-compete your other plants, and it’s happy to grow in a container as long as you can water it regularly.  The fruits are adored by birds, and the delicate white flowers are a perfect size for our native bees, so if you have a wildlife garden this is a great addition to the mixed border. The fruits are too sharp to eat raw, but when cooked have a rich, distinctive taste. You can make jam, compotes or pies. 

How To Care For Aronia Melanocarpa Hugin’
Black Chokeberry Hugin’ is self-fertile so you won’t need a pollinating partner. It enjoys most soils, particularly damper ones, but it won’t grow well in waterlogged soils. Full sun to partial shade will help ripen the berries and keep the shrub in good health, and an annual mulching will boost the fruiting quality.
There’s no need to prune this variety of Chokeberry as it is naturally compact, but cut out any dead or crossed stems, and reduce the height by a third if you wish, in its winter dormancy.

Chokeberries are an underrated fruit well-suited to UK gardens. They grow in most conditions and produce a full crop of tasty berries. If you want low-hassle fruits that attract wildlife, or you fancy some unusual fruit pies this autumn, you can’t go wrong with Black Chokeberry Hugin’.

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