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Abelia Grandiflora Sherwoodii

Semi-evergreen Shrub with White Flowers in Summer

Abelia Grandiflora Sherwoodii Compact Flowering Shrub
Abelia Grandiflora Sherwoodii
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Abelia Grandiflora Sherwoodii is a semi-evergreen shrub with panicles of white to pale pink flowers. It’s a good choice for sunny borders and pollinator-friendly gardens.

Abelias are native to Japan and the Himalayas and were introduced to the UK in 1844 by plant collector Robert Fortune. Their pretty scented flowers were immediately popular and lots of cultivars have since been developed. The cultivar Sherwoodii was an early breed named after a Victorian doctor and enthusiastic horticulturalist.

Abelia Sherwoodii is a compact shrub that’s not quite dwarf but will remain small. It has arching stems and shiny green ovate leaves. In autumn and winter the leaves take on a pretty bronze colour. Panicles of scented white tubular flowers arrive in the summer months and last until autumn. The white blooms often have a pink tinge.

This is a well-loved Abelia that’s stood the test of time in UK gardens.

Height And Spread of Abelia Grandiflora Sherwoodii
Abelia Sherwoodii is compact with a maximum height of 1.2 metres and a spread of 1.5 metres.

How Hardy Is Abelia Grandiflora Sherwoodii
This is a hardy shrub that will survive UK winters if the roots are well-drained and it is planted in a sheltered frost-free spot.

How To Use Abelia Grandiflora Sherwoodii
A great choice for a warm and sunny border Abelia Sherwoodii rewards you with long-lasting beautiful blooms that release a sweet scent. It attracts pollinators all summer and is low maintenance enough to be included in a no-fuss planting scheme. A good choice for cottage gardens and suitable for pots as they can be grown in a large well-watered and fed container.

How To Care for Abelia Grandiflora Sherwoodii
Abelias need sun and shelter from harsh winds to flower well. In cold spots, they produce fewer flowers and the foliage may show signs of damage. Against a fence or south-facing wall is ideal.

Abelia Sherwoodii is not fussy about soil and will grow in the majority of well-drained but moist areas. Mulch it well each year to provide nutrients and trap moisture around the roots.

There’s no need to prune, but you can cut back any wayward branches in the dormant winter months.

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