There is something very enticing about a pair of topiary spirals standing sentinel by an entrance, marking a pathway in the garden or gracing a roof terrace. The ultimate architectural plants, topiary spirals add a decorative twist to your outside space wherever you may place them.

Contrary to their striking appearance, these living sculptures do not require a lot of maintenance. Here at Paramount Plants, we have many varieties of topiary spirals to choose from, from our own native yew spirals to the much in vogue conifer topiary. Our spirals come in a range of sizes from around 1 metre to over 3 metres tall.

TIP: Topiary Spirals can be particularly useful as decorative additions to your home during the festive period. Plant them outside once Christmas is over.

Cupressus Goldcrest Topiary Spirals buy online UK

Cupressus Goldcrest Topiary

Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Ivonne Spirals
False Cypress is the common name for Chamaecyparis. This particular variety is Lawson’s Ivonne (full name in Latin Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Ivonne). Prized for its golden / yellow foliage, this is a handsome example of spiral conifer topiary.

Cupressus Arizonica Glauca Blue Ice
Arizona Cypress Spirals, a North American Native, these are hardy topiary conifers with silver grey aromatic needles.

Cupressus Castlewellan Aurea Spiral
Making an instant impact, these Castlewellan spirals are circa 2 metres tall with attractive green and yellow tipped foliage.

Cupressus Goldcrest Spiral Topiary
Also known as Lemon Cypress due to the scent of lemons when the foliage is crushed, Goldcrest is a natural choice for topiary spirals with its slim, columnar growth habit.

Ilex Crenata Spirals
Slow growing Japanese Holly has long been used in Japan for topiary and niwaki with its small shapely dark green leaves and brighter new growth. This is an excellent alterative to box where topiary is concerned.

Taxus Baccata Yew Spiral
Our very own native yew, an excellent and most elegant choice for topiary.

Thuja Smaragd or White Cedar Smaragd Spirals
Thuja Smaragd or White Cedar Smaragd Topiary Spiral is a very hardy conifer, even in exposed positions and is not difficult to maintain, a twice yearly trim will keep it in shape.

Hornbeam Topiary Spirals – a deciduous form of topiary in a spiral shape.

Topiary Spirals

Stately and Elegant Topiary Spirals

Majestic topiary spirals can add form, structure and elegance to your garden and we have a whole range of different shrubs that have been trained into this most popular Topiary shape. All these varieties have been chosen for their ease of growing and maintenance, a couple of trims per year is all that is needed to keep these lovely shrubs in shape. Use them in the border, for punctuation in a traditional knot garden or plant in containers to act as sentinels on either side of an entrance – a most elegant introduction to your home.

View our entire collection of Topiary and do get in touch with our expert team if you’re not sure which tree or shrub would suit your garden. We’re on hand to advise you on [email protected].