Best Ground Cover Plants for UK Gardens

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Easy to grow and to care for, ground cover plants have many uses in the garden.     Whether evergreen or deciduous,  low-growing plants can add colour and texture to bare patches in your garden, act as a living mulch and help control those pesky weeds. If you are gardening […]

Best Plants for a Dry Garden

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  What should you do if you want your dry garden to look stunning throughout the year? If you believe that the only solution is to water it daily and abundantly, or focus all of your energy on trying to (unsuccessfully) improve the conditions, you will be happy to hear […]

Ilex Family: Holly Varieties and How to Grow Them

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Ilex or the Holly family of plants is familair to most of us – perhaps most notably in winter when this iconic evergreen shrub with deep green, glossy leaves is covered in visually contrasting blood red berries. These gorgeous evergreen plants offer ornamental interest in the garden and sustenance for wildlife. […]

Winter Garden Tips – Preparations and Planting Ideas for Year-Round Interest

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The year seems to pass by in an instant. Before you even get a chance to stop and smell the flowers in your little plant kingdom, it is time to say goodbye to summer opulence and start with winter garden preparations.  

Amelanchier – a Perfect Specimen Tree for Small Gardens

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The Amelanchier tree and its varieties are known for their stunning spring blooms and lovely autumn colour. These are small deciduous trees (which can also be grown as shrubs) have many common names including  shadbush, shadwood, shadblow, Snowy Mespilus, juneberry or serviceberry.  

How to Plant Root Ball Plants: Advice from a Professional Nurseryman

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As garden experts, we are very often asked how to plant root ball plants properly. So, here are the steps that a professional nurseryman would take to ensure the most successful rate of establishment for root balls and bare root plants. And in our short video, you can watch our […]

Autumn Fruit Tree Care: 5 Things Every Gardener Should Know

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  The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of autumn is surely the splendid bounty of nature; from magnificent autumn colour of the foliage to abundant harvests of fruits.     But, in addition to being the season when gardeners get to enjoy the rewards of their […]

Euonymus: Spindle Tree Varieties and How to Use Them

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Euonymus, which is more commonly known as Spindle or Spindle Tree, is a large family of dwarf shrubs, small trees, and creepers which can be deciduous or evergreen. There are 175 species in this family, all of whom are treasured for their attractive foliage, and, in some cases, interesting fruit […]

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