Transform Your Garden With Low Maintenance Dwarf Conifers

2021-05-05T13:09:18+00:00By Paramount Plants|Gardening Tips|

If you’re looking for that elusive low maintenance yet still attractive plant let us introduce you to dwarf conifers.  No groaning ‘Oh not those petrol station plants’ at the back, please. Dwarf conifers are so much more than problem ground fillers. There are beautiful varieties available and they are tough, [...]

How To Choose The Best Plants For A Rock Garden

2021-04-21T14:30:30+00:00By Paramount Plants|Garden Inspiration & Ideas|

Rock gardens are a low maintenance style that never goes out of fashion. Whether you’re working with lots of room or just one border there are plenty of plants that love the well-drained conditions a contemporary rock garden creates. Inspiring Japanese-style rock garden. What Exactly Is A Rock [...]

All You Need To Know About Pleached Fruit Trees

2021-03-10T18:50:28+00:00By Paramount Plants|Garden Inspiration & Ideas|

If you’ve ever wondered what pleached trees are, specifically pleached fruit trees, how they differ from espaliers and fan-trained trees, or what on earth a hedge-on-stilts is, you’ll find all the answers here. If we’ve missed anything drop us a line or call and we’ll do our best to help.  [...]

Plants For A West Facing Wall

2020-10-08T11:52:58+00:00By Paramount Plants|Garden Inspiration & Ideas|

If you’re looking to plant up or improve a west-facing border then you’ve struck gold.  A sun-soaked west-facing wall is one of the best places to grow many colourful plants but it’s not without a few challenges. The main issue you’ll have is the temperature level.  West-facing walls receive the [...]

Why Everyone Should Grow Lagerstroemia or Crape Myrtle

2020-08-27T09:17:02+00:00By Paramount Plants|Flowering Plants|

Do you know what Lagerstroemia (pronounced lay-ger-stro-mia) is? If so you’re one of the exulted few! The rest of us know it as Crape Myrtle – or sometimes Crepe Myrtle.  It’s not hard to figure out why this common name has stuck. It’s because the petals are crinkled and have [...]

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