Planting Buddleia: Best Butterfly Bush Varieties to Grow in the UK

Buddleia is one of the most popular summer flowering shrubs in the United Kingdom, and with a good reason. This fast-growing, low-maintenance shrub blooms late in the summer, its masses of showy flowers adding colour to the garden when the flowering season of most bushes has ended.

Buddleja shrubs will bring beneficial insects into your garden, including numerous butterflies: hence their common name.
Buddleia variety Nanho Blue, also known as Petite Indigo, is attractive to pollinators.


As their common name suggests, the Butterfly Bush is irresistible to butterflies, who flock to this flowering shrub, along with other beneficial pollinators. Although all buddlejas attract butterflies, some gardeners report that they prefer the pink and purple flowering cultivars to other colours. Read more Planting Buddleia: Best Butterfly Bush Varieties to Grow in the UK

Growing Beech Trees in UK Gardens and Landscapes – varieties and uses

If you are looking for stunning trees to enhance your garden, why not let England’s greatest gardener inspire you? ‘Capability’ Brown, the man that designed some of the most recognizable landscapes of eighteenth-century England, knew how to choose the most enchanting specimens for his projects, and the fact that beech trees were one of his favourites speaks volumes.

Beech Zlatia is prized for its striking golden-yellow foliage.
Beech Trees for Sale UK – The Golden Beech is highly decorative throughout the seasons, but truly marvellous in the autumn when its leaves turn to intense golden yellow.

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Weeping Birch Trees – Which Variety to Choose?

When it comes to specimen trees, weeping birch trees are one of the most popular choices. With a stunning pendulous habit and showy bark, weeping birch tree varieties make a lovely focus of interest in the garden. Weeping Birch varieties vary in size and the colour of the foliage, which means that there is an ideal match for every landscape.

Weeping birch tree varieties are popular for their impressive habit.
A mature Betula Pendula tree displays the lovely drooping branches tpyical of weeping birch trees.


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Plum Trees or Prunus Domestica

Plum tree blossoms offer interest in the spring, but they are primarily grown for their fruit.
Plum trees are popular for their striking spring flowers and tasty fruit. Pictured here is River’s Early Prolific Plum Tree in bloom.


The Prunus Domestica is a family of fruit trees better known as plum trees, though not all plum varieties belong to this specific family. Exceptionally showy in the spring and with delicious fruit in the summer or autumn, plum trees keep on giving throughout the year and ask very little in return. We offer plum trees for sale in various sizes and bearing different types of fruits, all fully of which though are fully hardy in the United Kingdom. Read more Plum Trees or Prunus Domestica

Crab Apple Trees

Crab apple trees are ideally suited for specimen trees.
Crab Apple Trees for Sale – Toringo crabapple is a beautiful example of these charm these flowering trees.


Considered to be a heritage fruit tree, crab apple is a cherished cultivar with a proven performance in the United Kingdom. We offer crab apple trees for sale that are among the best-loved ornamental trees for small gardens, mainly for their compact size, gorgeous pink blossoms, and the abundant crop of tiny decorative fruit. Read more Crab Apple Trees