Tree Fern Care and Planting

Originating from Southeast Australia, Dicksonia Antarctica Tree Fern plants are now enhancing stylish gardens across the UK. Tree Ferns are remarkable plants, exotic-looking plants. Yet tree fern care is easy if you follow a few simple instructions.

Dicksonia Antarctica Tree Ferns for sale UK
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The tree fern starts as a bare, soft, bristly trunk. In late spring, the fronds begin to unfurl. Within a few weeks, the plant is transformed, with bright green fronds, or ferns, reaching sometimes a metre from the centre. After the rapid spring growth, the fronded plant makes a truly wonderful feature for any garden or patio.

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Prunus Lusitanica Portuguese Laurel Care

Portuguese Laurel Prunus Lusitanica is an elegant contemporary hedging plant with beautiful white flowers in summer and dark green foliage which you can clip to create a dense hedge. In the autumn, this evergreen shrub or tree produces attractive berries. The fruit offers both visual interest and serve as food for birds.

Portuguese Laurel Prunus Lusitanica care is easy when you have good information.
Multiple interest Portuguese Laurel makes it a lovely evergreen hedge.
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Thuja Care

Thuja is a coniferous plant popular for hedging as it stays dense and bushy and can create a great habitat for birds. There are many varieties of Thuja, but the most popular cultivars belong to the Thuja Plicata (Western Red Cedar) and Thuja Occidentalis (Northern White Cedar) groups. Even with the diversity of Thuja varieties, the principles of Thuja care are the same for all. This makes it much easier to properly nurture Thuja cultivars.

Thuja care is fairly undemanding, which makes them popular for hedging.
Thuja Brabant is a budget-friendly, low-maintenance option for a beautiful hedge.
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Best Ground Cover Plants for UK Gardens

Easy to grow and to care for, ground cover plants have many uses in the garden.


Muehlenbeckia Complexa is one of the most popular ground cover plants.
Muehlenbeckia Complexa, also known as Australian Ivy or Maidenhair Vine, is one of the most attractive ground cover plants.


Whether evergreen or deciduous,  low-growing plants can add colour and texture to bare patches in your garden, act as a living mulch and help control those pesky weeds. If you are gardening on a slope, fast growing ground cover plants will prevent soil erosion and introduce visual interest. Ground cover plants are generally very low-maintenance, and they will not need any special care to thrive and spread. No mowing, pruning or seasonal fertilising- there is very little (if anything) these plants require to be content. Read more Best Ground Cover Plants for UK Gardens

Best Plants for a Dry Garden


What should you do if you want your dry garden to look stunning throughout the year? If you believe that the only solution is to water it daily and abundantly, or focus all of your energy on trying to (unsuccessfully) improve the conditions, you will be happy to hear that there is an easier way.


Agava Striata is a good choice for dry garden.
Leaf succulents, such as this variegated Agava, are ideal for dry soils.

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