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Pyracantha - Firethorn
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Pyracantha Climber, Climbing Plants UK Close up of the red berries of the Pyracantha - buy this shrub online UK
Pyracantha, Firethorn, Hardy Shrubs, Paramount Plants and Gardens - for sale
Pyracantha Firethorn Shrub - with red or orange berries
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Height Excluding Pot:
1.5-1.6m (4ft 11-5ft 2)

Plant shape: climber on bamboo cane red berries
Pot size: 18L
Price: £45.00

Overall Size 1.3m Frame 1.3m height x 80cm width Currently out of stock.

Pyracantha Augustifolia also known as Pyracantha Firethorn is a popular evergreen shrub that produces white flowers in summer following by red, yellow or orange berries in the autumn / winter months. The flowers attract bees and the brightly coloured berries are adored by birds so this is a great plant for brining wildlife into the garden.
Pyracantha 's have very sharp spines and are often planted against boundary walls as an effective burglar deterrent or for privacy.
It is relatively fast growing shrub and they can easily be trained on a frame for flat wall or fence cover without intruding into the garden space. Great for screening in smaller spaces.
We also stock Pyracantha Navajo Orange Berry variety

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Pyracantha Climber, Climbing Plants UK
Pyracantha Climber, Red Berries
Close up of the red berries of the Pyracantha - buy this shrub online UK
Pyracantha Red Berries

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