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Olea Europea - Olive Tree
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Olive Trees Special Offer Olive Trees Quarter Standards, available to buy online 29.99 each or 2 for 50
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Mature Olive Trees For Sale
plants up to
3m high
plants over
3m high

For plants up to 3 metres high:

Order Value Del. Cost
Below £50.00 No Delivery
£50.00 - £250.00 £19.95
Over £250.00 Free

Prices above for delivery of our plants below 3m height. Nationwide UK deliveries (except a few outer postcodes).

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Height Excluding Pot:
80-90cm (2ft 7-2ft 11)

Plant shape: standard
Pot size: 5L
Price: £29.99

Buy 2 for £50.00

Height Excluding Pot:
1.75-2m (5ft 8-6ft 6)

Plant shape: standard
Trunk girth: 15-22cm
Pot size: 40-50L
Diameter: 90-100cm
Price: £225.00

Buy 2 for £400.00


Olea Europea - Olive Tree
 Paramount Plants is a specialist Mediterranean nursery with an extensive selection of olive trees for sale, ranging from young olive trees through various sizes to the large mature specimens and full standard olive trees.
Olea Europea is an evergreen rounded tree with grey-green leathery leaves and tiny fragrant, creamy white flowers followed by edible green fruits ripening to black. The flowers appear from June to August and the fruits develop in August. Olive Trees need full sun and they are frost hardy. They prefer well-draining soil and will do well in a large pot or container.
Our Olives are very popular for those wanting an instant garden effect - with their gnarly trunks and wide girth - they can appear to have 'always been there' in the garden landscape.
Our specimen Olive trees are frost hardy, tolerating quite cold winter temperatures. 

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Olive Trees Special Offer
Olive Trees Quarter Standards, available to buy online 29.99 each or 2 for 50
Olives available at our Plant Centre or buy online
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