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Garden Watering Bundle

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Easy watering using our water bag and wheelbarrow system

Watering bag and wheelbarrow for easy garden watering, buy online UK delivery.
Effortless Garden Watering
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1 - LBS H2GO Watering Bag 80 Litre

Bag: 80 Litres

75 cm x 100cm

Product Type: H2GO Watering Bag

Plant ID: 10160 WC 102

Price: £29.99
1 - LBS Haemmerlin Green Original Wheelbarrow Puncture Free Tyre

Load weight: 200 kg Empty Weight: 14kg

Product Type: Wheelbarrow Puncture Free Tyre

Plant ID: 10180 W 102

Price: £85.00

Bundle Price: £110.00
You Save: £4.99

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