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Arundo Donax Aureovariegata Giant Reed Variegata

Evergreen Ornamental Reed Grass

Arundo Donax Aureovariegata Giant Reed Variegata Grass
Arundo Donax Aureovariegata
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Height Excluding Pot: 1.75-2m (5ft 8-6ft 6)

Pot size: 20 Litres

Plant ID: 12419 2

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Arundo Donax Aureovariegata Giant Reed Variegata
Arundo Donax Aureovariegata Giant Reed Variegata 1.75-2 m

This image displays plant 1.75-2 m tall.

Height Excluding Pot: 1.75-2m (5ft 8-6ft 6)

Pot size: 20 Litres

Plant ID: 12419 2

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Arundo Donax Aureovariegata is an evergreen ornamental grass with striped green and white leaves. It’s an excellent prairie plant or a colourful addition to mixed grass borders.

Arundo Donax is native to the Middle East, where it’s more often called Giant Reed Grass, and has naturalised in California, the Caribbean, and Mediterranean areas. The variety Giant Reed Variegata was bred for ornamental purposes. It has strong erect stems with strappy leaves that can reach up to 30 cm long. These leaves are striped white and green which is unusual for an Arundo Donax.
In late autumn, long panicles of feathery flowers emerge from the mound centre to reach several metres in height. The fluffy flowers are purple and very attractive to small birds who use them in their nests.
This is an unusual ornamental grass with a surprising purple flower. It’s a great choice for mixed borders and is suitable for large plant containers.

Height And Spread of Arundo Donax Aureovariegata
Giant Reed Variegata needs room to grow. It will reach two metres in height and one metre in spread over 2-5 years.

How Hardy Is Arundo Donax Aureovariegata
This ornamental grass is hardy throughout most of the UK. It needs very well-drained soil and doesn’t cope with consistently wet soil or foliage.

How To Use Arundo Donax Aureovariegata
This is a lovely architectural shrub with interesting long leaves and unusual flower spikes. It grows in well-drained borders, sheltered front gardens and large well-watered containers.
It’s also an eye-catching addition to prairie gardens and low-maintenance wildlife-friendly spaces.

How To Care For Arundo Donax Aureovariegata
Choose a position in full sun with well-drained soil. Giant Reed Variegata tolerates all well-drained soils including poor chalky or sandy sites. It needs shelter from strong winds, so a sunny wall-side border is a good bet.
Pruning isn’t required, but any damaged or old leaves can be cut off when they die back in late autumn to keep it looking tidy. A thick layer of mulch in springtime will boost its flower production. Be sure to water it well until established and raise container grown ornamental grass up on feet to promote good drainage.

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