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Agapanthus Africanus Blue

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Blue Agapanthus Lily
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Height Excluding Pot:
incl flower height 90cm (2ft 11)

Plant shape: Bushy perennial Blue
Pot size: 10 Litres
Plant ID: 474 64
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Agapanthus Africanus Blue

This image displays plant incl flower height 90 cm tall.

Height Excluding Pot:
2ft 11

Plant shape: Bushy perennial Blue

Pot size: 10 Litres

Was £55.00
35% Off - Now £35.75
Was £55.00
35% Off - Now £35.75

Agapanthus Africanus Blue, more commonly known as African Lily Blue or Blue Nile Lily, is striking blue-flowering perennial. Prized for its clusters of trumpet-shaped blossoms borne atop tall stalks, this compact and hardy plant is great for gardens and containers both.
Agapanthus Africanus plants have wonderfully large blue or white flowers during the early to late summer. The flowers last for around 6-8 weeks and the foliage will last all year ie be evergreen in normal winters - in extreme winters the leaves die off. 
A South African native, African Lily Blue thrives in full sun, although it will also fare well in lightly dappled shade. Adaptable and versatile, this perennial tolerates a wide range of soils, including chalk and clay. As long as you plant Agapanthus Africanus in moist but well-drained, fertile soil, this perennial will flourish.
Feed regularly during the growing season from April to September. Mulch well to keep the soil warm over the winter months. Agapanthus Africanus Blue work best in pots and don't mind being pot bound - but will also be happy in very well-draining soil particularly raised beds.
Fully hardy in all of the United Kingdom, African Lily Blue is considered semi-evergreen in most climates where the winter temperatures go lower than 5 degrees below zero. Choose a sheltered location in the garden where frost and cold winds won’t be able to damage this perennial, or, if container-grown, move the pot indoors during the winter months. Suitable for coastal gardens as it doesn’t mind strong winds or salt sprays.
Staying compact even when fully developed, Agapanthus Africanus Blue grows to be 50 centimetres to 1 metre high, and up to 90 centimetres wide, including the tall flowering stems. Vigorous, with a bushy, clump-forming habit, this variety of Agapanthus Africanus is easy to grow and to care for. It doesn’t require pruning to stay in form, and it does not have to be cut down before winter, as the seed heads provide interest after the flowering season.
With its striking blue flowers and attractive foliage, African Lily Blue is often combined with flowering perennials and shrubs in mixed borders, or planted on its own, in pots or garden. Due to the fact that this beautiful clump-forming perennial performs best in containers, it’s often used to bring colour and interest to patios and balconies and roof terraces.
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