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Abelia Grandiflora Radiance

Compact Variety of Abelia

Abelia Grandiflora Radiance
Abelia Grandiflora Radiance
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Height Excluding Pot: 40-50cm (1ft 3-1ft 7)

Plant shape: Bush

Pot size: 10 Litres

Plant ID: 13882 114

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Abelia Grandiflora Radiance is a semi-evergreen compact abelia variety with pinky-white long-lasting flowers. It’s perfect for hot sunny borders in milder climates.

Abelias are native to Eastern Asia and Mexico where the climate is hot and dry. The cultivar Abelia Radiance enjoys a sunny spot but is suited to UK garden life if it's well-drained and sheltered. In colder areas it may lose some foliage but in general, keeps its variegated foliage year-round.

Spring shoots emerge with a tint of red that sets off the foliage’s glossy green and creamy white borders. Pretty, tiny trumpet-shaped flower bloom in clusters emerging pale pink and fresh white and lasting from July to October. If positioned correctly in a sunny well-drained spot Abelia Radiance is a strong performer that brings winter colour and long-lasting sweetly fragrant flowers for months on end.

Height and Spread of Abelia Grandiflora Radiance
This is a compact cultivar that will reach no more than a metre in height and 150 cms in spread. It is a mound-forming tidy grower that won’t outstay its welcome.

How Hardy is Abelia Grandiflora Radiance
Abelia Radiance is hardy in the UK down to minus temperatures if the roots are well-drained and it has shelter from freezing winds and frost pockets. Once established it is drought tolerant and rarely bothered by pests

How To Use Abelia Grandiflora Radiance
Abelia Radiance suits the middle of a hot sunny border where it can spread to its maximum width of 150 cms. The pretty fragrant flowers suit a cottage style garden and its sun-loving nature mean it enjoys a coastal spot.

You can grow Abelia Radiance in a well-watered and fed container to brighten a dull deck, patio, or front garden where it will attract plenty of pollinators from summer through to the first frosts.

How To Care for Abelia Grandiflora Radiance
Abelia is best grown in full sun in well-drained borders for the best flowers, but Abelia Radiance can tolerate partial shade as well. Choose a sheltered spot free from winds, such as next to a wall or fence, and it will flower spectacularly well.

Abelia is not fussy about soil pH or conditions growing in both acid and alkaline soils equally so long as they are well-drained.

There is no need to prune this well-formed mounded abelia, but you can prune out any crossed or dead branches in winter if necessary. Don’t prune harshly or it will affect the following year’s flower display.

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