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Acer Platanoides Cleveland Norway Maple

Acer Platanoides Cleveland Norway Maple has an upright habit naturally forming an oval crown of large deep green leaves
Acer Platanoides Cleveland Norway Maple - upright habit naturally forming an oval crown
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Acer Platanoides Cleveland or Norway Maple Cleveland
The Acer platanoides Cleveland, also called the Norway Maple Cleveland, is a fast-growing deciduous tree. It can easily attain a height of 15 meters and a canopy width of 12 meters. It has a strong upright growth habit and produces a rounded canopy. It naturally forms an oval crown of branches with large deep green leaves, making it an ideal shade tree. Cleveland is extremely hardy and can easily withstand urban pollution or high winds. It grows well in coastal regions and can withstand salt spray.

During the spring months, the Acer platanoides Cleveland produces greenish-yellow flowers. The green leaves have a large star-shape. In the autumn, the tree turns a brilliant yellow hue which is exceptionally showy before shedding its leaves. Deer do not typically like grazing on the foliage.

Norway Maple Cleveland creates an extensive and strong root system which makes it an excellent choice to plant on a hill or slope. However, its roots grow close to the soil’s surface so you should avoid planting it near a concrete walkway or driveway. Space the tree at least six feet from any concrete surfaces to prevent heaving.

When planting the Acer platanoides Cleveland you should pick a planting site that provides full sun for optimum growth. The tree will tolerate partial shade but may not develop as robust of a canopy. Cleveland is not picky about soil and will grow in acidic or alkaline conditions. Plant it in a location that is well-draining. The roots should remain evenly moist during the tree’s first year of growth. Once established, the tree can withstand periods of drought. It requires very little care to thrive. It can be pruned to maintain its size or the tree can be left to develop naturally with no trimming.

A young Norway Maple Cleveland requires abundant phosphorus to develop a healthy root system. When planting a young tree, you should amend the soil with phosphorus. Follow the directions on the fertilizer’s label for application instructions.

If you are a seeking a fast-growing shade tree that creates a large oval-shaped canopy of branches then the Norway Maple Cleveland is an ideal choice. It is widely used as a street tree in for lining residential streets and parks.

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