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Acer Platanoides Crimson Sentry

Acer Platanoides Crimson Sentry or Norway Maple Crimson Sentry for sale online with UK delivery.
Acer Platanoides Crimson Sentry Full Standard trees
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Height Excluding Pot:
3-3.5m (9ft 10-11ft 5)

Plant shape: Full standard

Trunk height: 1.8-2 m

Trunk girth: 10-12 cm

Rootball - supplied without a pot

Plant ID: 6014 64
Was £275.00
25% Off - Now £206.25
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Acer Platanoides Crimson Sentry  or Norway Maple Crimson Sentry 
These  Acer Platanoides Crimson Sentry or Norway Maple Crimson Sentry are an excellent choice for a small garden, where the distinctive red colour throughout the growing season will be an added stand-out! 
Originating as a sport of the Crimson King cultivar in Oregon in 1974, Acer Platanoides Crimson Sentry has beautiful red foliage all season long. Even before leafing out, the tree is covered with attractive lemon-yellow flowers in early spring. The leaves later emerge as bright red, deepening to a burgundy-purple over the summer, before ending as brilliant crimson in autumn.
Hardy throughout the UK, these standard shaped Norway Maple Crimson Sentry trees have a neat, narrow upright shape at will let easily fit into a smaller garden. Plant Acer Platanoides Crimson Sentry in full sun or light shade in moist, well-drained soil. Avoid very sandy, acidic soils. Water regularly in dry weather for the first few years. Prune in winter to maintain the neat full standard shape. Norway Maple Crimson Sentry can be planted in an exposed location as it is extremely wind-resistant. Tolerant of both salt and urban pollution, Norway Maple Crimson Sentry is equally well-suited to coastal regions and cities.
Acer Platanoides Crimson Sentry is an excellent choice for planting alongside a road or walkway in a city, where its narrow width will be an advantage. One specimen would make a big statement as a focal point in a small lawn, or planted in a garden space where a larger tree would be overwhelming. The brilliant foliage makes for a good show against light-coloured buildings, or dark evergreens. A row of Norway Maple Crimson Sentry would be a stunning sight in a larger landscape, or planted in a clump to create a bold effect from a distance.
Norway Maple Crimson Sentry is a versatile, low-maintenance high-impact specimen for a variety of garden situations. City or country, coastal or windy, you will be able to find the right place for this hardy, long-lived and beautiful tree! 

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