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Acer Palmatum Harusame Japanese Maple

Superb Autumn Colour

Acer Palmatum Harusame Japanese Maple Trees are noted for their superb autumn display when the red foliage colour is dusted with yellow-brown
Acer Palmatum Harusame Japanese Maple Tree
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Height Excluding Pot: 2.75-3.25m (9ft 0-10ft 7)

Plant variety: Freshly potted

Pot size: 110 Litres

Plant ID: 10232 W 42

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Acer Palmatum Harusame is a deciduous palmatum acer with good autumn colour. It suits small gardens and is suitable for growing in containers.

Acers are native to Japan, China and Korea. Japanese Acers were introduced here in 1820 where they have flourished ever since. The Harusame cultivar was introduced in 1822 and means ‘Spring Rain’. It’s noted for the rich autumn colour of its lanceolate ovate leaves and toothed leaf stalks. In spring bright red leaves unfurl and slowly mature to yellow-green before settling on light green for summer. As autumn approaches Japanese Maple Harusame turns shades of red with yellow-brown tones before falling with the frosts. This stunning acer has been popular for a long time. It’s a great choice for compact gardens and containers.

Sometimes it can happen that Harusame may throw out a white variegated leaf or two during the early growing season. Also note, this variety can sometimes be misspelled as Harusume.

Height And Spread of Acer Palmatum Harusame
Japanese Maple Harusame is a slow-growing bushy shrub or small tree that will reach a maximum height of 3 metres over 10-20 years. 

How Hardy is Acer Palmatum Harusame
Japanese Maple Harusame has proved itself hardy in the UK. It’s native to the cold regions of the Far East and will survive sub-zero temperatures if the roots are well-drained. 
Keep it sheltered from cold, drying winds and direct afternoon sun which can scorch the leaves. 

How To Use Acer Palmatum Harusame
A great specimen shrub in a container or as part of a border display Japanese Maple Harusame brightens the garden from spring to late autumn. It particularly suits Japanese style gardens and larger rock gardens.  Because it doesn’t outgrow its welcome this pretty acer provides a bold focal point in compact townhouse gardens. 

How To Care For Acer Palmatum Harusame
Japanese Maple Harusame is an easy shrub to grow in a sheltered, partially shady spot. It will take some sun, but too much direct sun will scorch the foliage. 
Acers will grow in the majority of well-drained fertile soils but they tend to prefer neutral to acid soil. If yours is very chalky fill the planting hole with organic matter and mulch every year in spring. Container grown acers will need regular water and food in the summer and re-potting every few years. 
There’s no need to prune acers as they naturally grow in an elegant shape but you can cut back damaged branches in the dormant season. 

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