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Acer Palmatum Tamuke Yama

Acer Palmatum Dissectum Tamukeyama trees for sale, part of our Japanese Acer collection for sale online with UK nationwide and Ireland delivery.
Acer Palmatum Dissectum Tamukeyama foliage
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Height Excluding Pot: 1-1.25m (3ft 3-4ft 1)

Pot size: 50 Litres

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Acer palmatum Tamuke yama

Although Acer palmatum Tamuke yama is one of the older varieties of Japanese Acer, it more than holds its own among the newer hybrids because of its ability to keep its rich, deep red colour throughout the summer months. With its large, dissected leaves, these trees can last 50 to 100 years, growing in beauty with every passing year!

Japanese Maple Tamuke yama is a Japanese cultivar which has been around since the early 1700’s. Its name translates as “hands folded in prayer on the mountain” or “spirit of the mountain”. 

As with any of the Japanese maples, Acer palmatum Tamuke yama has beautiful leaves. The large, feathery, deeply dissected leaves create a graceful, lacy pattern. The leaves are a deep crimson red in spring, changing to a purple-red in the summer and then become a brilliant scarlet in the autumn. This acer grows in a spectacular cascading or weeping shape, forming a mound about 3 metres high with a 4 metre spread within 10 years. 

Hardy in an average winter in most of the United Kingdom, Acer palmatum Tamuke yama tolerates full sun or partial shade. It will grow in moist but well-drained clay, sand or loam with an acid or neutral ph. It should be planted in an east, west or south exposure in a sheltered location. 

This lovely small acer will be of great use in a small garden, whether in the city or the country. Japanese Maple Tamuke yama will grow well in a container or in a courtyard or next to a patio, where its lovely foliage and graceful shape can be enjoyed up-close. It also makes a wonderful specimen tree in the middle of a lawn, where it will provide a striking focal point throughout the year.

Acer palmatum Tamuke yama works well towards the back of a mixed border, where it can complement the flowering plants or ornamental grasses planted in the foreground. It is also suitable for a rock garden, or as a specimen in a Japanese garden. Planted next to a water feature, a Japanese Maple Tamuke yama will add considerable interest and colour. 

Japanese Maple Tamuke yama can also be planted to great effect in more naturalized situations on larger properties. They do very well in the dappled shade under larger trees, and along the banks of streams and ponds, where their red leaves will light up the landscape, especially in the autumn. 

Acer palmatum Tamuke yama will be a vibrant addition to your landscape. With its brilliant red foliage, and striking cascading form, it is a great choice for any garden, large or small.

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