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Ajuga Reptans Braunherz

Ajuga Reptans Braunherz Bugle Braunherz for Sale Online with UK delivery
Ajuga Reptans Braunherz Bugle Braunherz flowering
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Height Excluding Pot:
10cm (0ft 3)

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Ajuga Reptans Braunherz

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Height Excluding Pot:
0ft 3

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Buy 10 for £75.00
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Ajuga Reptans Braunherz, also known as Bugle Braunherz, is an evergreen perennial with stunning dark purple foliage and spikes of blue flowers. Low growing, with a mat forming habit, it is often used as a ground cover plant or for underplanting trees. The evergreen, bronze-purple foliage offers interest throughout the seasons. The spoon-shaped leaves are densely clumped together and compliment the peculiar flowers. In the late spring to early summer, the blue flowers, borne in spikes emerge from the foliage. Rising atop the dense foliage in a spiral, the blossoms are unusually attractive to pollinators, especially bees.
Adaptable and robust, Bugle Braunherz tolerates full sun to full shade and moist, well-drained soil. Although it can thrive in a dimly lit spot, without enough sunlight, the foliage will lose its distinct purple colouring and turn to dark green. 
Native to Europe, this robust perennial is fully hardy in the UK. It doesn’t need any sheltering in the winter, as it can withstand temperatures well below -20 degrees, and its dark purple foliage won’t be bothered by frost. It is generally resistant to pest and diseases, and when grown in adequate conditions, there’s little that can bother this perennial.
Low growing and compact, Ajuga Reptans Braunherz is easy to take care of. Vigorous, with a fast growth rate, it is ideal for suppressing weeds under trees or in cracked pathways. When established, this evergreen perennial’s ultimate height is around 50 centimeters, but it’s usually even lower. With a creeping habit, this variety of Bugle can get to be around 1 meter wide. This perennial is not considered invasive and it’s easy to keep tidy. There’s no pruning required, and, if you want, you can propagate Bugle Braunherz by division, in spring or early autumn.
Grown for its eye-catching deep purple foliage, this evergreen perennial is easy to grow and care for. With a low-growing, spreading habit, it’s perfect as a ground cover plant, or for underplanting ornamental trees or rose shrubs. It’s versatile and robust, and it will adapt wherever you plant it. Suitable to grow in containers, Bugle Braunherz can offers interest throughout the seasons, with its attractive foliage and unique blue flowers. 

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