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Buddleia Davidii Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush

Buddleia Davidii Miss Ruby also know as Buddleja, the Butterfly Bush is a gorgeous deep ruby red variety that will flower throughout the summer.
Buddleia Davidii Miss Ruby flowering
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Height Excluding Pot:
60-80cm (1ft 11-2ft 7)

Plant shape: Bush
Pot size: 20 Litres
Plant ID: 3230 2
Price: £110.00
33% Discount £73.70
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Buddleia Davidii Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush 
The Buddleia Davidii Miss Ruby, also called the Butterfly Bush Miss Ruby is a compact, broadleaf deciduous shrub that is prized for its brilliant deep pink-reddish flowers. The blossoms are well-known for attracting a bevy of butterflies and birds to the garden. This hardy flowering shrub received the Award of Garden Merit (AGM) badge for its outstanding performance. Butterfly Bush Miss Ruby grows to a height of 1 to 2 meters with a spread of 1 to 2 meters over time. It features a mounding growth habit and its compact and dense growth make it an ideal foundation plant choice. 

The foliage of the Butterfly Bush Miss Ruby is a silvery gray and often overlooked because of the spectacular flower spikes that instantly draw any onlookers gaze. The blossoms are fragrant and quickly fill the breeze with a subtle, pleasing aroma. During the late spring, the flowers start to unfurl and this variety of Buddleia continues to produce blossoms from spring through late October. The blooms can be used to create wonderful indoor cut-flower bouquets. 

For optimum flower production, plant the Buddleia Davidii Miss Ruby in a location that affords full sunlight. It will tolerate partial shade but the flower production can be significantly decreased. The planting site for Butterfly Bush Miss Ruby should be well-draining and feature ample organic material. It prefers a loamy soil type. During the shrub’s first year of growth keep the soil evenly moist to encourage a strong root development. During the late autumn or late winter, it can be pruned back to the ground to encourage ample new growth. However, pruning is optional and not a necessity. In areas with inclement winters, it is advisable to apply ample mulch around the shrub’s root system to provide cold protection. 

Buddleia Davidii Miss Ruby is a classic cultivar for any cottage-style garden. It can also be used in formal landscapes or even grown as a small hedge. If you want a flowering showstopper that also attracts butterflies, bees and birds to your garden then look no further than the Buddleia Davidii. Its carefree requirements, make this flowering shrub a great choice for novice gardeners. 

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