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Buddleja Miss Violet Butterfly Bush

Buddleja Miss Violet Butterfly Bush a more compact variety of Buddleia, with vibrant violet coloured flowers that attract butterflies and other pollinators.
Buddleja Miss Violet flowering
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Height Excluding Pot: 30-40cm (0ft 11-1ft 3)

Pot size: 5 Litres

Plant ID: 9168 1

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Buddleja Miss Violet Butterfly Bush
If you’re looking for that perfect compact shrub then Buddleia Miss Violet is definitely one to consider. This compact plant produces spires of deep purple blooms on the tips of her branches attracting butterflies and bees all through the summer. For this reason Buddleja Miss Violet is also known as Miss Violet Butterfly Bush. Buddleja Miss Violet is deciduous.

How Hardy is Buddleja Miss Violet
Miss Violet is frost-tolerant and very hardy, growing back from a severe pruning to her full height each year if roots are kept well-drained. Buddleja are not affected by slugs or snails and they make great plants for beginners because they are forgiving and have a tough nature.

How To Use Buddleja Miss Violet
Miss Violet Butterfly Bush is a specially bred compact variety, so she won’t grow larger than 1.5 metres in height and spread in a year. This means she’s suitable for border and container use. If you choose to plant her out in the border, find a spot near the back that’s not too near the fence line. Smaller more delicate flowers thrive beneath her shade and she pairs well with white or pink roses. If you grow Miss Violet in a container ensure you regularly water and add plant food once a week to boost the flower display. She is an excellent addition to a patio bringing bees, butterflies and plenty of garden nature to your doorstep.

How To Care For Buddleja Miss Violet
Miss Violet will grow in full sun and partial shade if the soil is kept moist and well drained. Prune Miss Violet Butterfly Bush to ground level in the spring when the leaves begin to shoot as this will help retain a healthy vigorous plant with plenty of leaves and flowers. Buddleja flower on this year’s growth in mid-late summer, so stems that aren’t pruned back can become woody. If you prefer a larger plant leave some length, but it’s safe to cut buddleia down to a few inches each year.

Deadheading is not essential, but it does encourage more blooms and will keep the flower display bright for months. In late winter to early spring a thick layer of organic matter around the roots will feed Miss Violet Butterfly Bush for the coming year.

Easy to grow and a delight in a wildlife garden Buddleia Miss Violet will make a pretty addition to your garden or patio. Beginners and established gardeners alike will appreciate this compact non-invasive purple beauty.

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