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Betula Nigra Shiloh Splash Veg River Birch

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Betula Nigra Shiloh Splash, variegated Birch trees for sale online at our London plant centre, UK nationwide delivery.
Betula Nigra Shiloh Splash is a Variegated River Birch Tree, with stunning leaf markings in cream and green. Buy Betula Nigra Shiloh Splash UK delivery.
Betula Nigra Shiloh Splash, variegated foliage
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Height Excluding Pot: 2.5-3m (8ft 2-9ft 10)

Pot size: 50 Litres

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Betula Nigra Shiloh Splash, also known as the Variegated River Birch, is an attractive landscape deciduous tree that has much to recommend it in all seasons!  The visual impact of its variegated foliage, distinctive bark and attractive pyramidal shape make it a perfect choice whether planted as a single specimen tree or in a grouping.

This variety of the native North American birch tree is relatively new, having been discovered at a nursery in North Carolina in 1999 and is guaranteed to bring visual excitement to your garden. The variegated leaves of Betula Nigra Shiloh Splash have green centres with white at the edges, with a pinkish tinge when they emerge in the spring, following the chartreuse catkins of early spring. In the autumn the leaves turn a brilliant yellow, and after they fall the distinctive birch bark takes centre stage, peeling back to reveal brown underneath. The distinctive pyramidal shape of the Variegated River Birch adds to its attractive appearance. 

Fully hardy throughout the UK, Variegated River Birch will grow to a mature height of 9-10 metres and spread of 4-5 metres. It requires little or no pruning to maintain its natural pyramidal shape, but if necessary, prune in early summer.  If planting in a group, space the trees 4-6 metres apart. Plant your Betula Nigra Shiloh Splash in partial shade in moist acidic to neutral soil. While it will also grow in drier spots, it is an excellent tree for damp locations such as next to a stream or bog. Salt-tolerant, Variegated River Birch will do well in coastal regions, and its high tolerance for pollution makes it an excellent choice for city gardens. Deer will not damage it in country locations.

A single specimen of Betula Nigra Shiloh Splash planted as a focal point in a small garden will provide year-round visual interest, from the variegated foliage of spring and summer, bright yellow leaves of autumn, and the peeling bark in winter. It has the added bonus of attracting both birds and pollinating insects to your garden! In a larger garden, a clump of Variegated River Birch planted together will create a shady spot in the landscape, and its preference for moist soil makes it a perfect choice for planting by a pond or stream.
Betula Nigra Shiloh Splash - a medium-sized deciduous tree with year-round visual interest.

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