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Corylus Avellana Hallesche Riesen Hazel

Corylus Hallesche Riesen, large hazelnut variety, buy Hazelnut trees online with UK delivery
Corylus Hallesche Riesen, large hazelnut variety
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Corylus Hallesche Riesen or Hazelnut Hallesche Reisen
The hazelnut is the oldest nut variety used in Europe. The Corylus Avellana Hallesche Riesen originated in the Halle region of Germany during the late 1700s. The nut tree quickly won acclaim for its ample yield and superb flavour. The hazelnuts are quite large and provide a sweet, bold taste. Each nut measures about 4 centimeters and are round in shape. The nuts are typically ready for harvest during mid-September. The robust hazelnuts of the Corylus Hallesche Riesen can easily be stored in a dry place and last throughout the winter months. Their ability to store well made them a highly coveted food staple throughout ancient Europe, especially during the often cold, long, bleak winters.

The Hazel Nut Hallesche Reisen is a hardy, strong growing deciduous hazel tree. When fully grown it will reach a height of 7 metres. Its leaves are bright green with slightly bluish margins. The leaves are egg-shaped and measure 6 to 10 centimeters long. During the autumn, the foliage turns a brilliant yellow hue that instantly attracts admiration. 

Unlike most hazels, the Corylus Hallesche Riesen blooms later in the season so is less susceptible to any unexpected late spring frosts. Catkins and flowers typically appear from March to April. The male catkins are golden and exceptionally showy. The female catkins are very small and reddish. 

The male Hallesche Riesen variety produces ample pollen which makes it well suited for pollinating bushes of natural stock. In order to produce a nut crop, a pollinator must be provided because the hazel is not self-pollinating. To ensure an ample yield, it is suggested that you plant at least two hazel trees of any variety within close proximity of each other because they depend on the wind for pollination. Ideally, space them about 4 metres apart. 

The Corylus Hallesche Riesen is very hardy and can withstand cold and wet conditions. It features a strong, upright growth habit. Plant in a full sun area or partial shade location. It tolerates most soil conditions but grows best in a planting site that contains ample organic content. Consider growing the hazel tree as a dense hedgerow. 

Hazelnuts are a valuable food source for woodland creatures and the tree’s dense growth provides optimal shelter for wildlife and songbirds. The Hallesche Reisen trees are relatively easy to grow and don’t take up an enormous amount of space so they are perfect for even small cottage gardens. 

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