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Camellia Japonica Sarah Frost

Camellia Japonica Sarah Frost, large double red flowering Camellia for sale online UK
Camellia Japonica Sarah Frost Red Flowering
Available Sizes to buy online All Prices Include VAT
Height Excluding Pot:
50-60cm (1ft 7-1ft 11)

Pot size: 6 Litres

Plant ID: 8737 34
Was £60.00
25% Off - Now £45.00

Camellia Japonica Sarah Frost

This is a classic heritage type of Camellia flower producing pale red, double flowers. Camelia Japonica Sarah Frost is a vigorous evergreen shrub with gorgeous deep green glossy leaves forming the perfect backdrop for the profuse and stunning show of flowers in early Spring.

Although relatively slow growing, Camellia Japonica Sarah Frost reaches a good size and therefore makes the perfect flowering ornamental hedge.

Camellias prefer acidic soil in moist (not waterlogged) conditions and will perform well in a sun or partial shade position.

Camellias will also grow well in containers but remember to plant using Ericaceous (acidic soil) compost and feed with a slow release Camellia feed and keep them in a sheltered spot. 

Camellia Japonica Sarah Frost is a fabulous addition to our Camellia Collection >>  all our varieties are available to buy online and can be delivered throughout the UK

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