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Callicarpa Bodinieri Profusion - Beautyberry

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Callicarpa Profusion flowering - also known as beauty berry. Buy this plant from Paramount UK delivery Callicarpa Berries in autumn, buy online UK delivery
Callicarpa Profusion trained as a climber, pretty lilac flowers and bright purple berries, for sale online UK delivery
Callicarpa Bodinieri Profusion, Beautyberry Flowering
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1.25-1.5m (4ft 1-4ft 11)

Pot size: 35 Litres
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Callicarpa Bodinieri Profusion is commonly known as Beautyberry. This is an unusual upright deciduous shrub that has been 'frame trained' enabling it to be planted against a wall or fence and trained as a climber. A native of China, Callicarpa Profusion has deep green leaves that change colour in Autumn, in summer months it will produce pretty purple flowers followed by attractive, bright purple, berries which is one of the reasons for the popularity of this shrub.
The profuse clusters of purple berries in Autumn are highly decorative at a time in the garden when other shrubs are perhaps looking a little tired. This particular cultivar - Callicarpa Profusion, is known to be self pollinating but for absolute certainty of a good crop of berries, it's best to grow more than one in your garden to ensure pollination.
Callicarpa Bodinieri Profusion will eventually reach a height of circa 3 metres at maturity, it can be grown in partial shade and full sun, in well drained, neutral soil, not too choosy about been sheltered so
is a good plant for many locations and very easy to grow. The berries are a little bitter so they will be eaten by wildlife - eventually when everything else has been exhausted (the berries are NOT poisonous)
Awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit - a good sign it will perform well in most UK gardens.

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Callicarpa Profusion flowering
Callicarpa Berries in autumn