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Cotoneaster dammeri Streibs Findling

Cotoneaster dammeri Streibs Findling - low growing Cotoneaster
Cotoneaster dammeri Streibs Findling - Low Growing Cotoneaster
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Cotoneaster dammeri Streib's Findling

Are you looking for a tough, hardy, yet attractive low-growing evergreen ground cover? You have it here in Cotoneaster dammeri Streib’s Findling! This low growing cotoneaster will fill in those gaps around walkways or provide a hardy, deer-resistant groundcover in your landscape. It will do so by providing year-round colour and interest in your garden.
Cotoneaster Streib's Findling is native to the mountains, mixed forests and rocky ground of Southern China, thriving in less than ideal growing conditions and making it a low-maintenance addition to your garden.
Cotoneaster dammeri Streib’s Findling provides year-round interest as a landscaping or garden plant. In summer, the small, glossy, dark green leaves provide a backdrop for small white flowers, which give way to bright red berries as the season turns to autumn. The leaves then turn a shade of red through the winter, providing even more winter colour. 
This is an extremely low-growing cotoneaster, growing to a total height of 10 mm, with a spread of 2 metres. While it expands quickly to its mature size, it can last up to 30 years, giving you a reliable, long-lasting ground cover. 

Cotoneaster Streib's Findling has a hardiness level of H4, so you can grow it anywhere in the U.K. The shrub thrives in both full sun and partial shade, in sand, clay, chalk, or loam, and will tolerate either acid or alkaline soils.  It is best to grow it in well-drained locations similar to the conditions in which it developed.  Once well-established, it will even thrive during a drought. It also can resist urban pollution and road or coastal salt better than most ground covers, making it a great choice for the most challenging of growing conditions.
While little or no pruning is required for this low-growing shrub, you may want to cut some branches with red berries for seasonal decorating in the autumn or winter. As well, if it starts to spread out of the desired area, you can cut it back to stay within bounds.  

Plant your Cotoneaster dammeri Streib’s Findling wherever you need a tough, long-lasting, attractive ground cover. It’s a great choice to edge a drive, or to soften a retaining wall, where it will spill down the side. Plant it in a rock garden, where it will fill in gaps and provide year-round beauty. It also can be used on slopes for erosion control, as the deep root system that it develops will help hold the soil. 
Cotoneaster Streib's Findling is a great plant for a garden, large or small, rural or urban; its versatility as a hardy, low-maintenance yet decorative ground cover makes it a must-have for any gardener. See also Cotoneaster Suecicus Coral Beauty

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