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Ceanothus Impressus Victoria

Ceanothus Impressus Victoria California Lilac
Ceanothus Impressus Victoria - California Wild Lilac
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Height Excluding Pot: 20-30cm (0ft 7-0ft 11)

Pot size: 10 Litres

Plant ID: 8840 12

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Ceanothus Impressus Victoria (California Lilac)

Ceanothus Impressus Victoria (also known as California Wild Lilac) is an impressive evergreen flowering shrub with shiny dark green foliage and abundance of showy light blue flowers that work really well together Flowering time is around May or June. The flowers are sweetly fragrant and an absolute magnet for bees and other pollinators. 
Ceanothus Impressus Victoria is considered the hardiest of the Ceanothus varieties (which originated on the Pacific Coast of North America) and does well in coastal areas as it does not mind salty air. 
The beautiful California Wild Lilac is easy to maintain and extremely versatile. Use it as a very attractive narrow flowering hedge. Use it as a decorative climber – train it over a trellis or an arbour or just let it grow as it wishes and use it as a focal point in the garden. 
This beautiful California Wild Lilac loves full sun but will also grow in partial shade and any moist but well drained fertile soil.
Ceanothus Impressus Victoria reaches a maximum height and spread of 3 metres. 

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