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Calycanthus Floridus Aphrodite

Calycanthus Floridus Aphrodite or Sweetshrub is a highly fragrant and pretty flowering shrub. Buy online UK delivery
Calycanthus Floridus Aphrodite
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Height Excluding Pot: 60-80cm (1ft 11-2ft 7)

Pot size: 32 Litres

Plant ID: 11686 12

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Calycanthus Floridus Aphrodite is commonly known as Sweetshrub, or Carolina Allspice Aphrodite, this is a new cultivar with simply stunning, large red flowers not dissimilar to a Magnolia. Its hardiness,and ease of growing have made this something of an instant success. A popular, deciduous shrub, Aphrodite is a multi-stemmed plant with ovoid leaves, these are deep green throughout the season, turning a warm yellow in Autumn. During the summer months, Calycanthus Aphrodite produces a mass of red to purple flowers, these are very showy indeed and one or two stems added to a bunch of mixed blooms will make a room pleasantly scented.
Our Calycanthus Aphrodite specimens are an excellent size and will reach a height and spread of 3 metres when fully grown. These shrubs look lovely in a mixed border or at the edge of a woodland style garden. They will also grow well in urban gardens where they can be trained against a trellis or fence.
Growing Tip: Calycanthus Floridus Aphrodite will grow well in most moist soils in either full sun or partial shade.
Preferring a sheltered location, these are not ideal for exposed windy sites.

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