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Cephalotaxus Harringtonia Fastigiata Japanese Plum Yew

Cephalotaxus Harringtonia Fastigiata Japanese Plum Yew for sale UK delivery.
Cephalotaxus Harringtonia Fastigiata Yew
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Height Excluding Pot: 80-100cm (2ft 7-3ft 3)

Rootball - supplied without a pot

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Cephalotaxus Harringtonia Fastigiata, also known as the Japanese Plum Yew, is an excellent landscaping specimen. Its columnar habit and attractive evergreen foliage make it particularly versatile in a variety of garden situations. Native to Japan, China and Korea, Cephalotaxus Harringtonia Fastigiata is a slow-growing evergreen yew which is a reliable foliage shrub year-round. Stems are produced from the base, reaching upward and maintaining a narrow shape. Its long, narrow, pointed leaves, up to 4 cm in length, are dark green. Female plants will produce small, olive green edible fruits up to 2.5 cm long in the autumn.  
Hardy in most parts of the UK, Japanese Plum Yew will reach a height of 1.5 metres and spread of 1.2 metres in a period of 10 years. After 20 to 50 years it may reach 3.5 metres in height with a 1.5 metres spread. It can be pruned to maintain a smaller size if desired. 
Cephalotaxus Harringtonia Fastigiata prefers a part-shade sheltered location, with moist but well-drained sandy soil, although it will tolerate loam or clay as well. It can be planted in full sun in cool, moist conditions and will also tolerate full shade. Once established they will withstand dry periods. Avoid an east-facing aspect as the new growth is frost-tender in early spring.  Tolerant of urban pollution and coastal salt, as well as deer resistant, it is suitable for a wide variety of planting locations. 
Both attractive and versatile, Cephalotaxus Harringtonia Fastigiata is equally at home as a specimen plant or in a mass planting in a hedge or clump, depending on the size of your garden. Its slow growth and small size, as well as year-round attractive foliage, make it a good choice for a sheltered spot in a rooftop terrace or courtyard, or by a front door or walkway, where its columnar habit will keep it from interfering with foot traffic. In a larger garden, a hedge of Japanese Plum Yew will create a year-round privacy screen, in addition to providing an attractive foliage show. In a country setting, a grouping of Cephalotaxus Harringtonia Fastigiata will be a dramatic focal point in the landscape. At the back of a mixed border, the dark green foliage of one or more Japanese Plum Yew plants will be a an excellent background plant for a variety of flowering plants through the season. 
The distinctive evergreen foliage and upright growth habit of Cephalotaxus Harringtonia Fastigiata make it a great choice for gardens large or small! 

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