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Clematis Montana Rubens

Clematis Montana Rubens, Climbers for sale from our London plant centre, buy UK delivery.
Clematis Montana Rubens, aka Clematis Pink Sensation
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Height Excluding Pot:
1.3m (4ft 3)

Plant shape: Trained Trellis
Pot size: 20 Litres
Plant ID: 1254 15
Was £80.00
30% Off - Now £56.00

Clematis Montana Rubens is also known as Clematis Pink Perfection
This variety of Clematis is an absolute show stopper - it is completely covered in the most delicately fragrant blossoms in late Spring to early Summer. Clematis Pink Perfection is a decidous climber producing light pink flowers tinged with a deeper pink to purple, as the flowers age they become lighter in colour and by the time the petals start to fall they resemble snow flakes in the breeze. The leaves of Clematis Montana are an attractive mid green colour and they develop a bronze hue later in the season, in sunny positions there can be a second wave (although fewer) blooms in late summer. 

Clematis Montana Rubens is a sturdy climber and will readily scramble over walls and fences in a cottage garden rambling way. This climber is ideal if you want to cover an unsightly corner, it looks beautiful when clambering up into a large tree or over an arbour or pergola. Clematis Rubens thrives when planted in a sunny or semi shaded position.

Growing Tip: Grow in neutral soil and if space is restricted trimming the plant back to healthy buds will restrict its overall size.  A mature plant will grow to a height of 5 metres high by 3 metres wide if unchecked.

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