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Cydonia Oblonga Cydora Robusta Quince

Cydonia Oblonga Cydora Robusta fruiting quince trees in fruit
Cydonia Oblonga Cydora Robusta reliably produces an abundance of large fruit
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Height Excluding Pot: 2-2.5m (6ft 6-8ft 2)

Plant shape: Full standard

Trunk height: 1.6 m

Trunk girth: 8-10 cm

Bare Root

Plant ID: 4215 100

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Cydonia Oblonga Cydora Robusta is a very handsome and practical fruiting quince tree that produces large edible golden fruits in October. Quince are deciduous and produce pear-like fruits that are very tasty when cooked. Quince Cydora Robusta is a variety bred to produce a heavy crop of golden fruits that will keep for months if stored correctly. 

In spring this deciduous tree produces bright green shoots that mature into mid-green leaves. These are oval in shape with a pointed tip, making the foliage very similar to apple trees. Following spring foliage, blossom appears during April in a burst of light pink fragrance that attracts many pollinators. This foliage is particularly attractive. Fruits grow steadily throughout the summer months, beginning life as fluffy covered balls which are ready to harvest in autumn, usually around October to November when the scent is at its finest. 

Cydonia Oblonga Cydora Robusta will grow to a maximum 4-5 metres in height and 3-4 metres in width if not pruned. It is a slow, upright growing tree suitable for smaller gardens
Cydonia Oblonga is the family of fruiting quinces grown primarily for their fruit. The ornamental or flowering quinces are a different classification and known as Chaenomeles – e.g. Chaenomeles Superba Pink Lady

How Hardy Is Cydonia Oblonga Cydora Robusta
Quince are extremely hardy, drought-tolerant plants once established, but they do require plenty of sun to produce a fruiting harvest and late frosts may damage blossom. 

How To Use Cydonia Oblonga Cydora Robusta
Quince Cydora Robusta is a self fertile quince that produces fruit perfect for jams and jellies. Grow yours as part of a fruiting orchard or as a fan-trained espaliered version against a sunny wall. 
The beautiful fragrance in autumn makes this variety worth planting as a specimen tree near a seating area even if you do not intent to use the fruit, blackbirds will be happy to eat them for you, in fact quince are a superb addition to a wildlife garden not only for the fruit, but for the rich source of pollen in their blossom that attracts plenty of pollinators. Quince can be grown in containers too if you are able to water and feed them regularly.

How To Care For Cydonia Oblonga Cydora Robusta
This is a hardy fruiting tree, but it does need sun to produce a reliable crop. Plant your quince in a sunny spot, preferably against a wall, out of all frost pockets and harsh drying winds.  Quince Cydora Robusta will tolerate all soils and most conditions, but prefers moist, well drained soils. It requires little maintenance other than pruning to remove any dead or crossed branches.  A thick layer of well-rotted manure will keep your quince in tip top health. Spread a thick layer around the base in early spring and give it water in dry spells to help the fruit swell. 

Fruiting Quince Tree are a beautiful and practical addition to any garden. They look and smell glorious with little effort. For lots more fruiting options, visit our full Fruit Tree collection. 

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