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Cistus Silver Pink

Cistus Silver Pink. Rock Rose Silver Pink buy UK delivery
Cistus Silver Pink. Rock Rose Silver Pink
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Height Excluding Pot:
25-30cm (0ft 9-0ft 11)

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Cistus Silver Pink or Rock Rose Silver Pink brings a delicate beauty to your late spring garden with its lovely pink blooms. It is a reliable, drought-resistant plant and deserves a spot in any landscape! 
This Mediterranean native, also known as Rock Rose Silver Pink, forms a neat little mound of gray-green evergreen lance-shaped leaves, and starting in late May or early June is covered with tissue-paper thin single delicate pink blossoms with deep yellow centres. While each flower lasts only a day, a mature plant continues to produce hundreds of new blooms every day. Once the blooms are finished in July, the evergreen foliage provides a pleasant foil for summer-blooming flowers, and will persist throughout the autumn and winter.
Cistus Silver Pink will need some winter protection in colder parts of the UK. The mature plant will reach a height and spread of 90 cm. After flowering is finished in summer, trim the shrub lightly to maintain a bushy habit and attractive shape. 
Rock Rose Silver Pink needs to be grown in well-drained soil, preferably alkaline, and will not tolerate heavy, damp soil at all. Do not over-fertilise. It should be planted in full sun, and in parts of the UK with more severe winters should be planted in a sheltered position with a south-facing aspect. Cistus Silver Pink is very drought-tolerant, and will also grow well in coastal locations. It makes a good choice in urban settings as it tolerates air pollution.
Cistus Silver Pink will be a beautiful addition to your garden, especially in problem spots where other plants may not thrive! Its extreme tolerance to drought, and preference for dry, poor soil, makes it an excellent choice for a rock or gravel garden, or dry sandy soil in the hot sun. Planted on a dry slope, Rock Rose Silver Pink will settle in happily and provide a reliable evergreen ground cover, as well as beautiful blooms in season. 
Rock Rose Silver Pink makes an excellent container plant for a balcony or terrace. When not in bloom it will still provide year-round interest with its evergreen foliage and rounded shape. In a small garden, it looks great planted midway in a sunny border. 
Given the right conditions, Cistus Silver Pink will bring its tough, drought-resistant Mediterranean growth habit, as well as its profusion of delicate pink blooms, to your UK garden!

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