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Chitalpa Tashkentensis Summer Bells

Chitalpa Tashkentensis Summer Bells aka Desert Willow, beautiful pink orchid-like flowers in summer, can be grown as a shrub or small tree, buy UK
Chitalpa Tashkentensis Summer Bells flowering
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Chitalpa Tashkentensis Summer Bells Desert Willow Tree
Chitalpa Tashkentensis Summer Bells, also known as the Desert Willow Tree, is an unusual and interesting deciduous tree that was bred in Uzbekistan in the 1960s by crossing the Catalpa Indian Bean Tree with a Chilopsis. It is named for the willow-type leaves that are bright green, elongated and cover the stem from early spring. The Summer Bells variant refers to the glorious flower display. Its large, exotic and frilly pink blooms resemble dangling trumpet-shaped bells which burst through on new growth during June to August. The showy blooms are light pink in colour with a yellow throat and veiny-markings. They will bloom en masse for the entire summer period in upright panicles measuring 15cm long. The scent is delicate but sweet. In autumn the flowers drop and the willowy foliage turns an attractive warm yellow shade before falling with the frosts. 

Chitalpa Tashkentensis Summer Bells will reach a height of eight metres and a three to five metre spread over the course of ten years. It is classed as a small tree and will fit into most garden landscapes. It is an ideal choice of tree for smaller gardens

How Hardy Is Chitalpa Tashkentensis Summer Bells?
Although the summer bells of Chitalpa Tashkentensis are delicate and pretty, the tree is fully hardy in most of the UK down to freezing temperatures, but exposed sites in more northern areas may prevent flower displays. 

How To Use Chitalpa Tashkentensis Summer Bells
It is extremely pretty as a large specimen shrub or tree, and its more compact size makes it a perfect addition to a smaller space. It stands out as part of a border display but it needs to space to grow. Give it plenty of sun and some shelter from cold winds for the best display of flowers. The Summer Bells variety is a more recent and paler pink introduction compared to other varieties of Chitalpa Tashkentensis. 

How To Care For Chitalpa Tashkentensis Summer Bells 
A Desert Willow Tree requires little pruning as it holds a good shape as it grows, but if you prefer a smaller specimen it can be pruned back in winter. Flowers appear on the current year’s growth so be cautious about pruning in spring. Once established it is drought tolerant and grows well in drier soils, but new or young plants will require regular watering for the first year.  Well-drained soil suits this sun-loving beauty best, and it’s happy in any pH soil. It’s best to avoid shady positions because sunlight stimulates growth. 

Chitalpa Tashkentensis Summer Bells is an unusual small tree that lights up a small summer garden with glorious flowers and architectural leaves. It’s a joy to see this beauty flower. If you’re looking for an unusual and rare plant look no further than the Desert Willow Tree.

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