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Darlac DP42 Compact Pruner Snips

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Product Type: Compact Pruner or Secateurs
Plant ID: 8131 A 76
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Darlac DP42 Compact Pruner Snips
Product Type: Compact Pruner or Secateurs
Price: £14.99
Price: £14.99

Darlac DP42 Compact Snips  - a compact pruner or secatuers
These Darlac DP42 Compact Snips are tough and compact carbon steel pruner snips or secateurs with long reach for all delicate trimming jobs.
These hard-wearing pruner snips are lightweight at 145 g with 6.5 cm rust resistant carbon steel recessed blades. They are perfect for smaller hands and delicate pruning jobs such as cutting flowers for vase displays.

The long, pointed blades easily reach into difficult corners to trim problematic areas or cut flowers without damaging the plant. The cushioned, non-slip handles and single-handed catch operation ensures comfort and precise use. 
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Darlacs compact snips are recommended for light pruning and delicate touch floral arts.

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