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Eriobotrya Coppertone Japanese Loquat

Full standard Eriobotrya Japonica Coppertone evergreen exotic fruit trees
Full standard Eriobotrya Japonica Coppertone on long clear stems
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Height Excluding Pot: 60-80cm (1ft 11-2ft 7)

Pot size: 18 Litres

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Eriobotrya Coppertone Japanese Loquat
Eriobotrya Coppertone, also called Coppertone Loquat or Eriobotrya Japonica Coppertone is an attractive small evergreen fruit tree ideal for a sheltered spot! Coppertone is a hybrid of Eriobotrya or Japanese Loquat, a genus of evergreen trees & shrubs of Asian origin that are related to Photinia. It produces blossom in milder parts of the UK in early spring sometimes followed by edible loquat fruits but is mainly grown for its large exotic-looking foliage. 

The origins of Eriobotrya Japonica Coppertone are a little unclear, but this relatively new cultivar may be a hybrid of bronze loquat and Indian hawthorn. It has a dense, rounded crown. The exotic evergreen leaves, long and narrow, are a glossy green on top and a felted paler green below. This cultivar is distinguished by the bronze-coloured new leaves that emerge in spring, adding a pop of colour. At the same time, the small, extremely fragrant pale pink flowers bloom, perfuming the air around them. In very hot and sunny locations the flowers may be followed by edible orange-yellow fruits. It is most likely to fruit in Southern UK locations and has been known to do well in the milder London micro-climate. 

Height and Spread of Eriobotrya Coppertone
Eriobotrya Coppertone can grow to 3 metres tall in 10 years, eventually reaching a mature height of 5-6 metres and spread of 3 metres.

How Hardy Is Eriobotrya Coppertone
Eriobotrya Coppertone is hardy in coastal and relatively mild parts of the UK except in severe winters and is at risk from early frosts, generally down to -5. It may be hardy elsewhere with wall shelter or a good microclimate.

How to Use Eriobotrya Coppertone
Eriobotrya Japonica Coppertone is a perfect small exotic fruit tree for a sheltered, sunny spot in a courtyard garden or on a patio, where it will happily grow in a large container or against a brick or stone wall for maximum protection, and can be pruned to maintain a smaller size. Full standard Eriobotrya Coppertone with a 2 metre clear stem can also be trained to make an attractive living screen above the fence-line with its dense evergreen foliage! Japanese Loquat Coppertone is an excellent addition to the hardy exotic garden

How to Care for Eriobotrya Coppertone
Plant Eriobotrya Coppertone in full sun in a sheltered position in any well-drained soil. It is very drought-resistant once established. This small tree is very tolerant of aerosol salt, so can be planted in coastal regions, especially in the South-West. As it also tolerant of pollution, it is a good choice for city gardens, especially in cities like London where the urban microclimate is milder. Eriobotrya Japonica Coppertone is deer resistant, so is suitable for use in country gardens without protection from animals. Prune to maintain an attractive shape of the crown in late summer or early autumn.

Eriobotrya Coppertone is an excellent small ornamental evergreen fruit tree for a sheltered spot, with its attractive foliage, fragrant flowers and the tantalising prospect of loquat fruits when grown in milder areas of the UK. 

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