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Ficus Carica Violette Dauphine Fig Tree

Ficus Carica Violette Dauphine Fig Tree
Violette Dauphine Fig
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Height Excluding Pot: 80-100cm (2ft 7-3ft 3)

Plant shape: Bush

Pot size: 10 Litres

Plant ID: 9639 64

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Ficus Carica Violette Dauphine is a productive, deciduous fig tree that copes well with the UK climate and doesn’t get too big. It is self-pollinating, fast-growing and very productive.

Ficus Carica is known as the Common Fig. It’s native to Asia but has adapted to the UK. The Violette Dauphine fruit tree is similar to the well-known ancient French variety Ficus Carica Madeleine des Deux Saisons, but it’s better suited to our climate and has more resistance against disease. In spring large five-fingered mid-green foliage appears followed by white open cup-shaped blossom. Fig Tree Violette Dauphine is self-fertile so these blooms do not need a cross-pollinating partner.  In summer this reliable fig produces large figs that are deep purple with sweet pink flesh. In long hot summers, Violette Dauphine will produce two crops of delicious figs. 

Height And Spread Of Ficus Carica Violette Dauphine
This fig tree does not get too large, reaching a maximum height of 3.5 metres by 2-3 metres. It’s suitable for small gardens or container growing and can be kept smaller with winter pruning. 

How Hardy Is Ficus Carica Violette Dauphine
Fig Tree Violette Dauphine is hardy down to minus temperatures, but it needs sun to fruit.  The older bark is generally frost-resistant, but it’s best to wrap your fig in fleece over winter to protect the young tips from damage. 

How To Use Ficus Carica Violette Dauphine
This is a reliable fig for a kitchen garden as it crops in large quantities given enough sun. It grows particularly well against a sunny wall as a tree, shrub, or fan-trained specimen.
Fig Tree Violette Dauphine can also be grown in a container if it’s well watered and fed in the summer months. 

How To Care For Ficus Carica Violette Dauphine
Plant Fig Tree Violette Dauphine in fertile well-drained soil of any pH, or a deep container. 
To get sweet figs this tree needs all the sun you can give it. It prefers a sunny spot but will manage with partial shade too. 
A sheltered spot against a south-facing brick wall that’s free from frost pockets is the best location for a fig. Container grown figs can be grown against a house wall to soak up the sun.
Over the winter months, border grown figs benefit from a fleece wrap and fan-trained figs can be packed with straw or bracken. Move pot grown figs to a sheltered wall or into a greenhouse. 
After planting figs, water them well until established and provide a thick layer of mulch in spring. You don’t need to prune Fig Tree Violette Dauphine but you can cut back dead branches in the dormant months. 

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