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Flopro Professional Rotating Sprinkler

Flopro Professional Rotating Sprinkler
Flopro Professional Rotating Sprinkler
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Product Type: Rotating Sprinkler

Plant ID: 9789 W 75

Price: £29.99

Flopro Professional Rotating Sprinkler 70300526
Flopro Professional Rotating Sprinkler is ideal for larger areas of lawn. It has a pulsed flow for maximum reach and a cover area of 530 m2.

This top-of-the-range rotating sprinkler is made from metal and is built to last. 

It has a pulsed flow so the water jet can reach over a longer distance. On its own, it can cover a 23-metre circular area or you can use it as part of a modular system with more sprinklers for extended reach.

The nozzle rotates from 20 to 360 degrees and a ground spike with stabilising arms holds it in place. 

With its snap-fit connections that are compatible with all watering brands, this rotating sprinkler is easy to set up and use. Simply push the spike into the ground, attach the hose, then adjust your coverage circle with the wire clip and angling collars. To choose a spray pattern just tighten or loosen the pin. 

Please note this rotating sprinkler needs 1.38–4.13 bar water pressure.

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