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Fagus Sylvatica Full Standard Tree

Fagus Sylvatica Full Standard Beech Trees, beech trees with a single clear stem, trees are to buy online from our UK nursery.
Fagus Sylvatica Full Standard Beech Tree
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Height Excluding Pot:
3-3.5m (9ft 10-11ft 5)

Plant shape: Full standard

Trunk girth: 8-10 cm

Plant ID: 5618 64
Was £245.00
35% Off - Now £159.25
Height Excluding Pot:
3-3.5m (9ft 10-11ft 5)

Trunk girth: 12-14 cm

Rootball - supplied without a pot

Plant ID: 2322 65
Was £315.00
35% Off - Now £204.75

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Full Standard Beech Trees

The Fagus Sylvatica is often referred to as the Common Beech or European Beech tree. These particular specimen Beech trees have been trained as a full standard trees with a single trunk or clear stem. These Fagus sylvatica Full Standard trees have a single straight or clear stem trunk with no lower branches that is at least 180 cm tall from the top of the roots to the start of the crown. The girth diameter also plays a role. The lower clear stem makes these full standard beech trees ideal for screening above a fence, wall or even a hedge. Maintaining the shape is not difficult, requiring a prune once per year. 
The Common Beech is a long lived tree, with many documented as living over 1,000 years. The tree’s ability to retain its fall foliage even into the harshest winter months makes it a popular choice for above fence screening. It is a favourite shade tree that can attain a staggering height of 50 meters with a dense canopy spread of around 20 meters when left to its own devices.
Historically, the wood of the Fagus sylvatica has been used for a wide array of items such as tool handles, furniture manufacture, cooking utensils, sports equipment, and as a fuel source. 
During the spring months, the foliage of the European Beech emerges a soft, mint green in colour with small, exceptionally fine hairs. As the leaves mature, the hairs are shed and the leaves turn a deep, bright green. Each leaf measure 4 to 9 centimeters in length. The tree’s leaves are oval in shape with a pointy end and wavy edges. 
In April and May, the beech tree does produce small greenish-yellow flowers. The male flowers appear in drooping clusters and the female flowers are grouped in short spikes. The female flowers produce small, brownish nuts that ripen in the fall. The nuts are a favourite food source for birds and other forest creatures. They are edible and once were a common ingredient in pig food. Today, the seeds are often used as a flavour ingredient in the manufacture of coffees in France. 
The Common Beech tree grows well in full sunlight or partial shade. Once planted it doesn’t like to be transplanted. It enjoys well-draining soil and doesn’t tolerate overly wet conditions. The tree does grow well in a wide array of soil types such as clay or sandy loam. It prefers slightly alkaline to acidic soil. When first establishing the tree, it requires moist soil, but not overly wet conditions. The tree does not tolerate drought well until fully established. 

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