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Geranium Rozanne

Purple-Blue Single Flowers all Summer Long

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Height Excluding Pot: 15-30cm (0ft 5-0ft 11)

Pot size: 2 Litres

Plant ID: 11926 1

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Geranium Rozanne is a deciduous RHS AGM winning hardy geranium with summer long purple flowers. It won the 2013 RHS Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Centenary because it will grow almost anywhere, it’s hardy, and it’s a reliable flowerer.

Hardy Geraniums grow in almost every area of the temperate world and are often called Cranesbill because their seedheads resemble crane heads. Be careful not to confuse hardy geraniums with pelargoniums which are also called geraniums, but have long fleshy stems and strong scents.

Geranium Rozanne was bred by Donald Waterer in Somerset, England and named after his wife Rozanne. It’s a hardy cranesbill with typical light green lobed foliage and saucer-shaped purple flowers. It flowers in June and continues to bloom until harsh frosts arrive in October.
If you’re having trouble deciding what to plant in a tricky spot, then bee-magnet Geranium Rozanne is a good choice. It’s a versatile perennial that fills a border or drapes over a plant container.
This is a top performer and a must in low maintenance gardens. It flowers all summer before growing back stronger the following year.

Height And Spread of Geranium Rozanne
Geranium Rozanne reaches a maximum height and spread of a metre over 2-5 years.

How Hardy Is Geranium Rozanne
This is a hardy geranium capable of withstanding UK winters with well-drained roots. It can cope with some drought and is rarely bothered by pests.

How To Use Geranium Rozanne
If you don’t know what to plant, plant a geranium is an old adage that still rings true. Geranium Rozanne grows in all informal spaces such as slopes and banks, beneath roses, coastal areas, rockeries, informal flower borders, hot low maintenance front gardens, and even well-watered and fed hanging baskets.
Geranium Rozanne is one of the best geraniums for pollinators. It holds the RHS Perfect for Pollinators badge and it’s smothered in bees from June to October. This makes it a good companion plant for vegetable gardens and apiaries. 

How To Care For Geranium Rozanne
Rozanne is easy to grow and best planted in any moderately fertile well-drained soil including sand and chalk. It tolerates a wide range of conditions and copes with an exposed spot.
Rozanne doesn’t need pruning. It spreads via rhizomes and is best left to ramble of its own accord.
Water it well until established and apply a thick layer of mulch in winter to protect the crown and provide nutrients for its hard-working flowers throughout the summer months.

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