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Hebe Champagne Shrubby Veronica

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Height Excluding Pot: 10cm (0ft 3)

Pot size: 2 Litres

Plant ID: 10852 1

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Hebe Champagne or Shrubby Veronica Champagne
A popular variety of Hebe, Shrubby Veronica Champagne is a compact, evergreen shrub with white, lavender-tinged flowers. Resistant and tough, this ornamental shrub works well in mixed shrub borders and coastal gardens.  
The lustrous, spear-shaped leaves form a rounded mound. The elegant foliage with a spreading habit grows to be a rounded mound. The leaves are medium green for the better part of the year, but in the late autumn and winter, their colour deepens and turns to purplish tones. Although the glossy, evergreen foliage offers interest throughout the year, this evergreen shrub is at its best in the summer, when the flowers appear. Borne in long, purple spikes, the lilac blossoms fade to white, adorning the shrub throughout the whole summer. 
Performing best in full sun to partial shade, shrubby Veronica Champagne prefers moist, well-drained soil that is poor or moderately fertile. This flowering shrub is versatile and easy to care for.  It’s relatively pest and disease free, and tolerates salt sprays and pollution, which makes it a great choice for seaside gardens
A New Zealand native, Hebe Champagne is fully hardy in Britain and Ireland. Same as other Hebe varieties, this evergreen shrub is remarkably resilient and frost resistant. A compact cultivar with a spreading habit, shrubby Veronica Champagne grow to be around 60 centimetres high and across. 
This rounded shrub needs almost no pruning to keep its form. To ensure that the plant stays in great health and shape, you only need to remove dead and damaged shoots. 
Due to its beautiful natural form, elegant foliage and dainty blossoms, Hebe Champagne is a great choice for borders and low growing hedges. Planted either en masse or combined with other Hebe varieties, it makes for a border with year-round interest, that’s particularly showy in the summer months. Shrubby Veronica Champagne can also be planted in a pot or a large container, and grown as statement plant near a patio or an entryway.

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