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Hedera Helix Marginata Elegantissima

Hedera Helix Marginata Elegantissima is a variegated Ivy Evergreen Climber, buy online with UK delivery
Hedera Helix Marginata Elegantissima
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Height Excluding Pot: 60-80cm (1ft 11-2ft 7)

Pot size: 3 Litres

Plant ID: 2482 64

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Hedera Helix Marginata Elegantissima, also known as Hedera Helix Elegantissima or Ivy Elegantissima, is an evergreen ivy with dark green leaves marbled with yellow borders. It is a popular choice of cultivated ivy as it grows vigorously in all conditions.
Hedera Helix Marginata Elegantissima will grow to a height of eight metres or more and spread over a metre to three metres. It is a very vigorous grower. Its four to eight centimetre leaves are triangular with yellowy white-edges that glow in sunlight and light up a dark corner. 
Three to five lobed leaves cover the vine throughout the year.  In spring, small yellow-green flowers appear that are attractive to pollinators. Following these productive flowers, small black berries feed wild birds in autumn.

How Hardy Is Hedera Helix Marginata Elegantissima?
Ivy Elegantissima is hardy in all of the UK. Young plants may need watering in very hot spells, but in general this variety of ivy is hardy, self-sufficient and undemanding. 

How To Use Hedera Helix Marginata Elegantissima
The main use of ivy is to cover an unsightly area. Ivy Elegantissima does this efficiently, quickly and adds a pop of colour with its variegated leaves. It’s a natural looking choice for wildlife gardens and looks good on a woodland edge. 
You can use it to hide a wall, tree or tree stump, a shed or up and over a pergola or archway. It also effectively covers bare earth on ground level. Growing Ivy Elegantissima up a bank is great way to cover and protect soil where other plants may struggle. 
Ivy Elegantissima can also be grown in containers using a topiary frame if you are willing to prune it regularly. 

How To Care For Hedera Helix Marginata Elegantissima
Ivy Elegantissima is an undemanding climber that requires barely any care once it is established. You may need to control its height and spread in smaller gardens, but if you want cover in a larger space you can leave it to grow. Ivy Elegantissima will grow in any fertile soils no matter the pH. It thrives in full sun, but is fully capable of growing in deeply shaded areas too. 
Cut back dead or spindly vines at any point in the year to maintain a pleasing shape. If you want to encourage growth add a thick layer of mulch around the roots and water it in hot spells. Pinch out the leading vine to make the specimen bushier. It’s best to pinch out the tips before they grow out of reach.

If you are looking for an attractive ground cover or climbing plant that will grow quickly without fuss Ivy Elegantissima is a popular choice. 

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